Videos from the Global Atheist Convention April 28, 2011

Videos from the Global Atheist Convention

The Global Atheist Convention took place in Melbourne, Australia this past March and the talks are finally up online.

I haven’t seen them yet, but you know you have nothing else going on this week 🙂

Richard Dawkins:

PZ Myers:

Taslima Nasrin:

If there are any particular moments we should all watch, please leave the video name and timestamp in the comments!

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  • freelancer

    PZ’s whole speech is laudable. The point he makes at the beginning that reinforces non-overlapping magisteria arguments is pithy and great.

    “Science and religion are incompatible in the same sense that the serious pursuit of knowledge of reality is incompatible with bullshit.”

  • Andrew

    I really commend these people for being able to speak so long, while I can’t even stand in front of a class for 5 minutes without feeling overly uneasy. That plus delivering such a great message really inspires me.

  • Loved the three, but PZ’s was my favorite. I hope more videos from the GAC are released soon.

  • Cortex

    Taslima Nasrin’s speech is particularly moving. I tend to put talks like these on in the background while I get stuff done, but she stopped me in my tracks.

  • ACN

    Only listened to PZ’s so far and it is excellent.

  • Mac

    Just a dumb question on my part… the videos show 2010 in the titles. is that just a typo? or are these really from last year?

  • Gwenny

    Nothing else going on this week?!?! Dude, 4.1 was released. I got trolls to bash. Besides, if I want to listen to grumpy old white guys talk, I can call one of my ex husbands. 😉

  • JT


    Pshh, you cant have it on in the background? If you’ve heard “That’s still recharging” “I can’t do that yet” as you furiously mash buttons once, you’ve heard it a million times.

  • Ron in Houston

    PZ Meyer was there? Let us all bow down kiss his ass and worship the associate professor from some backwater university.

  • ACN

    No one’s worshiping anyone. He gave a good talk, it is fine to say so.

  • My word, that was good. I’ve seen Dawkins in person a few times and on countless videos and believe that ha has a wonderful voice and speaking style but this was my first chance to see/hear PZ. I’m now an even bigger fan that I was, and will have to teach my students the term “squeaky wanker” today 🙂

    And Ron – get a grip. Enjoying a good speech and worship are pretty damn far apart, to conflate the two only parades your ignorance.

  • Why attack PZ Myers? He’s one of the good guys after all. If his status has been overinflated, so be it. I don’t see how it has any real negative impact on anyone. Other than his adversaries of course.

  • Defiantnonbeliever

    sigh, for the connection speed segregated even good links to transcripts would probably be too much reading on screen, for comfort. 🙁

  • Ubi Dubium

    Oh my, but those were great. I was not familiar with Taslima Nasrin before, but she made me cry she was so amazing.

    Dawkins was, as usual, great, no surprise there.

    PZ was at his irreverent best, letting the godbots have it and making us laugh at the same time. “…newt wish fulfillment has destroyed their moral independence”!!! I think I’ll have to listen to that entire talk again, because there were so many good lines there I want to remember.

    I can’t possibly give a time-stamp on that one, just listen to the whole thing.

  • Hypatia’s Daughter

    Taslima made me cry, too. Her ordeal made me feel like a coward. I doubt I would have had a tenth of her courage in speaking out against the oppressions of religion.

    My favorite part was around 15:45 when she says it became clear to her that Mohammad had written the Koran for “his own interests, for his own comfort, for his own fun”.
    It was so refreshing to hear the truth put in such simple words. A primary role of religions are to put men on top (literally & figuratively). Some men (the religious leaders) over other men; and ALL men over ALL women. Religions cater shamelessly the idea that god gave men the right to their “fun”, and the duty to all lesser beings to provide it no matter how unjust or painful it is to them. (And not just sex, but domestic labor, child-rearing, slavery; heck, even the “fun” of killing animals for sport, because “god gave you dominion over all creation”.)

    I think it is a primary driving force behind the fundies & their camp followers today. Religion is the last argument left for men who are nostalgic for male power and want to put women back in their place.

  • ACN

    Just finished Dawkins and Taslima’s.

    Dawkins was excellent as per expectations!

    I had never heard of Taslima and her talk was amazing. I 2nd 3rd and 4th the 15:45 time stamp for that one.

  • Ben

    Dawkins makes a dick joke at 21:04…

  • Dark Jaguar

    I enjoyed Dawkins and PZ well enough, they basically said what had already been said before in new and clever ways.

    Taslima Nasrin’s speech, however, is my favorite of the 3 by far, and her Q&A was a lot more interesting. As I always note (perhaps revealing much about myself), she like others surprise me with how well they speak English when it isn’t their first language. Granted, she could learn to put a bit more energy and some variation in tone in her speech skills, but that’s something I struggle with as a native English speaker, and nevertheless she had the audience, and me, eating out of the palm of her hand, and got in quite a few laughs to boot.

    This is likely a result of a bit of miscommunication, but I didn’t quite get a solid answer to the question about the burqa ban from her response. That is, I didn’t quite understand if she supported a legal ban, or was merely publicly condemning the act of wearing it as backwards and anti-feminist. I personally don’t support an outright ban. That said, I completely agree with everything in her answer and find it was very eloquently put. The only thing it didn’t cover was wearing the burqa ironically or as an anti-islam statement.

    Overall, very great speeches but the last video really tops the list.

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