Secular Spring Spheres April 26, 2011

Secular Spring Spheres

Via trevorfiasco on Reddit comes these fantastic atheist-themed Easter eggs:

The Christopher Hitchens egg looks a little *too* perfect…

(via Illini Secular Student Alliance)

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  • Naomi

    Spring spheres?!
    Awesome eggs though!

  • Orson

    Ok, as long as we’re being PC here, let’s be accurate: they are Spring Prolate Ellipsoids (I think).

  • UH what is so non-secular about eggs? wtf? Easter isn’t originally a religious holiday. We can still use the words Easter and egg.

    If anything, take the holiday back from the religious.


  • The correct term is Chromatic Vernal Ovoids.

  • Mikel

    They’re good eggs (;)

  • Justin

    Ben Franklin? Didn’t he ask to pray before the Constitution-writing sessions and get shot down?

  • Steve

    Franklin was a a self-declared deist, but that only describes part of his beliefs. He didn’t really buy into Jesus’s divinity, hell, salvation in all that stuff. But he still thought that god was actively involved in human affairs and listened to prayer. And sadly, he bought into god as the source of morality. He wasn’t really a Christian – or maybe a very, very general one – but he still took religion pretty seriously.

    What I find interesting is that his suggestion was roundly rejected. What a difference from modern politics.

  • Brian

    The teal egg looks like Ben Stiller.

  • littlejohn

    My wife and I dye sperm for Easter. You need a microscope to appreciate just how cute they are, what with the little tails.
    BTW, shouldn’t the Jefferson egg have a black egg chained to it?

  • bla
  • Kirk

    Is it just me or does the Dan Dennett one look like the Abominable Snowman thing from the old Rudolf the red nose reindeer TV special?

  • SWare

    I recently saw something called “resurrection eggs” in a store. Mind you, they were just plain old colored plastic eggs. It inspired me to put this on my Facebook…

    Me: I’m curious. Would someone please point me to the biblical passage that explains “resurrection eggs”?

    My friend’s response: lol Jedediah 4:26-28 26. “And thou shalt prepare the egg in pastels, for pastels are pleasing to Him and shall be a sign of His love unto you. 27 Woe to him who useth a brown egg for the coloring, for he shall have colors like unto a soil cloth, and the Lord’s wrath shall be his. 28. Know this that yon hare doth lay the sacred eggs unto the Earth for the benefit of Him in the highest, and they shall be colored unto all the days of Heaven.”

  • Hitch

    Gotta say, that Hitchens is pretty darn good.

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