‘Beat the Atheist’ with Ira Glass April 25, 2011

‘Beat the Atheist’ with Ira Glass

My one-time-soul-owner Jim Henderson has a neat little video up where he’s talking with Ira Glass (host of “This American Life”).

(I’m forever jealous.)

They talk about whether the clip is really part of a training video for Christians called “Beat the Atheist” as well as Jim’s idea for a reality show.

Jim appeared on TAL in 2009 on an episode called “Bait and Switch.” Ira mentioned my name in the intro to Jim’s segment. I did a little dance. It was awesome.

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  • I loathe reality TV, but I would watch Save Me…dare I say it?…religiously.

  • Revyloution

    I don’t know that I would watch it, unless they had a famous atheist that I like on.

    I know I would apply to be on the show…

  • reparker

    That didn’t have nearly enough of Ira Glass talking.


    That show, though, would be better if it weren’t a basic “vote people off” reality show. I’d prefer–and probably watch–something more documentary-like. Bring people who call themselves very well-behaved and pious into a house, have them go out and proselytize, and then also have the fun of seeing whether they live treat others as they say they do.

    Just put Ira in charge. It will turn out beautifully.

  • Rich Wilson

    There was a ’30 Days’ about an atheist who lived with an evangelical family for a month. It might be entertaining at first, but I think it would degrade into frustration pretty quickly. It’s not like we haven’t heard it all before.

  • What if your religion is sex and money?

  • Jeff

    I got as far as “they try to save someone”, and that was it for me.

    Hemant, does Jim think you’re going to hell?

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