An Online Forum for Atheist Students April 25, 2011

An Online Forum for Atheist Students

There are so many high school and college atheist groups forming out there but no one place to gather leaders together so they can discuss relevant issues. (Conferences are nice, but not everyone can attend those. Facebook is nice, but it can get overwhelming.)

So we’ve started up a Student Leaders section in the Friendly Atheist Forums.

Consider it a place to ask questions about how to start a group, run a group, and deal with problems in your group. You can talk about events you want to hold, speakers you want to bring in, and fundraising ideas. Best of all, I hope it becomes a place for young atheists to communicate with each other.

If you aren’t a member of the forums already, you should register 🙂 It’s free and you’ll be entering a supportive community of like-minded people.

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  • Steve A.E.

    This is an excellent idea. Is there perhaps also an equivalent forum or forum section somewhere for non-students looking for ways to improve their small local freethinker and atheist groups?

  • Brian

    This is fabulous.
    I was just at the AA convention in Des Moines, and we met up with other groups from around the state, and realized that we needed a good way to trade notes and share ideas.
    A million thanks for doing this. I’ll spread the word.

  • Lion IRC

    Not everyone in the friendly atheist discussion forum is like-minded.

    (But they are friendly)

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