Save It All April 23, 2011

Save It All

In honor of Earth Day, melodysheep has auto-tuned George Carlin and it sounds lovely:

Edit: As commenters point out, Carlin was being sarcastic in his act when he said all this. I still think the video sounds good.

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  • I prefer Fuck the Earth Day, myself.

  • Heidi

    Too bad George was actually laughing at people who go around saying “save the whales,” huh?

  • This would make Carlin turn in his grave.

  • Since I know the comedy sketch rather well people should understand that George Carlin is a comedian and was being you know, funny?

    The reality is he’s against silly environmental things like ‘Earth Day’ that seem to be just made for people to ‘feel’ better about themselves. He was being realistic in his act and his opinions. See the whole sketch and try to see it the right way. He isn’t anti-environment and he isn’t a denier of global warming. He was very much against silly ideas. He also didn’t have much ‘faith’ in humanity to correct the problems it has created. He’s probably right on all accounts.

    Whether this is the best idea to use this sketch for something like Earth Day is another thing.

  • Ben

    To me it seems that liberals, who presumably believe in evolution, are trying to prevent it from progressing. A bit of a contradiction.

  • Ben

    And as a addendum to my last statement, we all die. That’s it. Get over it. It’s the ugly fact of life. Political philosophy is just as dangerous as religious philosophy.

  • fiddler

    “Autotune” and “sounds lovely” should never be used together in a sentence. Carlin’s words stand on their own, I wish people would stop doing this crap.

  • NotYou007

    MikeTheInfidel Says:

    April 23rd, 2011 at 12:29 am
    I prefer Fuck the Earth Day, myself.

    What we gotta do is slap it around a bit, make earth our bitch..


    As for the Carlin video auto-tune needs to die. It ruins a lot of good things.