Rock Beyond Belief Application Resubmitted April 22, 2011

Rock Beyond Belief Application Resubmitted

After getting rejected by officials at Fort Bragg at the last minute, Sergeant Justin Griffith has resubmitted the application for Rock Beyond Belief. If it goes through, it will take place in the fall.

The first attempt was not successful, but it was damn close. We received approval at every step in the arduous process, until the very last step. We are not going away. In fact, our new packet is even stronger. We even included a media analysis of our own at Fort Bragg’s request.

That momentum is absolutely snow-balling as well. We wouldn’t be here today without people like you who care about these important issues. The journalistic interest in this story continues to pick up steam, and the secular community has undeniably championed our cause. We are optimistic and hopeful that the second attempt will be fruitful. It took us a while to secure a second date with everyone on our lineup, but we did it. And officials at Fort Bragg have made some statements to me that suggest a change of heart.

Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly this time around. There are a lot of us who would love to help honor military atheists.

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  • Roxane

    I can’t go. And I’m old, and wouldn’t know any of the people who are performing anyway. But damn, I hope they pull it off!

    Except for Dawkins. I know and love Dawkins.

  • Richard P.

    It’s a good thing the Taliban don’t scare that big old, mighty, US army as much as atheists do. They would be hiding behind the other NATO troops skirts. yeah, I mean the nurses.

    Way to go, I hope it goes well.

    If they give you any shit, just tell them we have mad scientists with lasers and we know how to use them.

  • Zeek

    I didn’t see the proposed autumn date. Have you heard what it is? My husband returns from deployment mid-September and would LOVE to attend.

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