Cosmo Jarvis’ Atheist Anthem: ‘Sure As Hell Not Jesus’ April 22, 2011

Cosmo Jarvis’ Atheist Anthem: ‘Sure As Hell Not Jesus’

Cosmo Jarvis, the artist behind the popular song/video “Gay Pirates,” has just released the video for his new song “Sure As Hell Not Jesus” — it’s catchy and has a great message:

The video… is about sexual abuse scandals that have involved the followers and preachers of the catholic faith and its leaders’ frequent insidious dealings with them.

It is also about the pressure that family members of victims, that become aware of the misconduct, sometimes have to endure due to the way in which the powerful sexual perpetrators use the faith of their victims and victims’ families to justify their actions or, in the case of protest or the possibility of a revelation, threaten them with religious penalties.

It also glances at the effect on priests of rules introduced by the church forbidding them to partake in sexual intercourse. This is a dumb rule I think, I’m not catholic but a penis does fit in a vagina. I wish that the rules could be changed.

The chorus is powerful, too:

You’re sure as hell not Jesus but you’re saving me
Thank you very much for putting faith in me
Reminding me that life was once so great to me
I’m glad I made a friend that doesn’t pray for me.

The EP “Sure As Hell Not Jesus” will be released on May 29th. You can pre-order it on iTunes now.

(Thanks to Atalaya for the link!)

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  • Michelle

    And we thought the “Catholic league” was pissed at Lady Gaga (and always Madonna), he’ll love this. Or will he shrink back from criticism a little more because it’s a man? I’m curious to see the response, but love the video.

  • Meejan

    I don’t think it’s possible for me to stop listening to this. It’s really… so awesome.
    Thanks for sharing! 😀

  • I supposed he wouldn’t have asked anyone else to play the priest, but is that the image he wants, even for a moment? It’s just a bit creepy to me.

    Also, was that an abandoned church, do you think?

    Makes me wonder what is says about Xtians today that the beautiful scrollwork and carving, stained glass and magnificent pipe organs of old churches has given way to gyms, soda machines and bad ‘rock’ music of the modern mega-church.

  • Vas

    “I’m not catholic but a penis does fit in a vagina.”

    You know lots of things fit in a vagina. While we are at it a penis will fit in a lot of things as well. Just saying.

  • aljo

    wow, i definitely didn’t see this as an “athiest anthem”. good song and message, but those lyrics you quoted were the priest’s words to the pope and whoever else is helping him cover up his crimes. i didn’t really see anything about atheism in this video at all.

  • Brian

    I think “Protons, Neutrons, Electrons” by The Cat Empire is a more fitting atheist anthem. Or maybe “God Thinks” by Voltaire, if we’re feeling REALLY snarky.

  • I had to post here, I wrote the song and I just wanted to say that only the video has this story. The song was actually about how friends and those a person cares about can often provide for deliverance/hope/meaning to a persons life than god ever could. In trying to write a suitable treatment for the original subject I, on a whim, wrote the treatment for the video you see here and found that, by coincidence, every lyric fitted the story of the priest quite nicely. So, without sounding desperate for acceptance by you guys, I think it still could be an atheist ‘anthem’, just not an atheist video…Thanks for watching!
    from Cosmo

  • Erin

    I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day and all last night. Thanks for sharing this!

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