Foundation Beyond Belief Seeks Summer Interns April 21, 2011

Foundation Beyond Belief Seeks Summer Interns

If you’re looking for an internship this summer that gives you practical skills without taking away all your vacation time, the Foundation Beyond Belief could use you.

We’re looking for volunteer interns who could commit about 15 hours a week for three months. You can do all the work from home and you’d be working for a wonderful organization — one that encourages atheists to give to a variety of charities:

Interns will gain experience in all major Foundation operations including membership development, researching and selecting featured charities, donor management, outreach, communications (including blog and social media), program design, and creative organizational development. The intern team will be assigned specific targets in each program area. Progress toward goals will be assessed in weekly phone meetings throughout the summer.

Interns must commit to an average of 15 hours per week during the internship period. Conflicts can be accommodated, so long as the average remains.

There’s no real age requirement for this — so if you’re in college (give or take), this may be perfect for you. If you have experience with grant-writing, even better! In any case, we’re looking for enthusiastic candidates who are committed to our cause. So if you’re self-motivated, a good writer, and an excellent communicator, we’d love to work with you.

All the details are here. The application deadline is May 1st!

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  • Victoria

    I just applied for the internship right before I noticed this blog post on my Facebook feed!

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