Upcoming Talks April 11, 2011

Upcoming Talks

I’m giving a few different talks over the next month! If you’re in Southern California or Kansas, here’s hoping you can check these out one of these:)

When: Sunday, April 24th at 11:00a.
Where: Center For Inquiry West, Los Angeles, CA
Group: Atheists United
Cost: Free for all guests! ($5 suggested donation for regular members)

More information can be found here.

When: Friday, April 29th at 7:30p.
Where: Kansas State University (Student Union Dining Hall)
Group: KSU Individuals for Freethought
Cost: Free!

More information can be found here.

When: Saturday, May 7th at 4:00p (though the entire event goes from Friday night through Saturday night)
Where: Kansas Union — Woodruff Auditorium
What: ReasonFest ’11 (organized by the University of Kansas’ Society of Open-Minded Atheists & Agnostics)
Cost: Free!

More information can be found here.

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  • Richard Wade

    I’ve been a member of Atheists United for a few years. I’ll see you there on April 24th!

  • Me too (a member of AU). I’m looking forward to seeing you in L.A. as well.

  • Colt

    When are you coming to Northern California? We’re totally the better half. 🙂

  • sandrine

    Hoping to see you in Miami some day!

  • Natalie

    You’re giving a talk on Easter morning? Very nice.

  • James

    As a regular visitor to this blog and as a member of KU SOMA, I must say I’m really looking forward to meeting you. We are all really excited for ReasonFest ’11.

  • Adam

    Dan Savage is going to be at the Kansas Union next week, and you’re going to be there a couple weeks after? Looks like I’m going to have to trek out to Lawrence twice this month. I’m excited to hear what you have to say!

  • TFM

    D’oh! It had to be Easter morning. As a fellow atheist, I get a kick out of an AU meeting being scheduled then, whether it was intentional or not. As a daddy to twin 2-yr olds with plans to hunt for easter eggs and eat candy with friends that morning, I’m bummed about the timing. Maybe next time.

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