National Day of Prayer Video Parody April 8, 2011

National Day of Prayer Video Parody

Nerdiah made a parody of the National Day of Prayer video that actually matches its ominous, yet ridiculous, mood 🙂 I love the last 30 seconds:

Now, where is that peanut butter and jelly…?

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  • Richard Wade

    Coffee is all over my monitor! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • That’s awesome.

    Before, the National Day of Prayer was “screening” comments on their video but not publishing them. Now they’re not allowing comments or ratings at all. Guess their screener didn’t like what they saw.

  • ScarletA

    WELL DONE! I’m gonna make a grilled havarti & dill with sun-dried tomato sandwich in honor of this video!! RAMEN!

  • Kosher sandwich or not, Nerdiah doesn’t say?

  • Nerdiah

    😀 Heehehehe, I’m so glad you liked it. Thanks Hemant.

  • Nerdiah

    Now lets see how long it takes before they do a DCMA on me …

  • Cheryl


    This makes so much sense. I mean, I get really, really grouchy when I’m hungry, so why not god?!? That’s not thunder, that’s his stomach growling.

    Great job.

  • Brad

    Wow, if I hadn’t seen this one first, and -then- gone to see the original video, I would have thought that the original one was a parody. It’s so over the top, and the “pray or I’ll kick your teeth in” message is so blatant. It’s so easy to make fun of these people when they do half the job for you!

  • Michelle

    I almost stopped breathing, that was hilarious. I totally thought it was because he preferred Xbox.

  • Ahhh… that’s much better! (The original made me barf on my keyboard.)

  • Reginald Selkirk

    the “pray or I’ll kick your teeth in” message is so blatant.

    The deliberate confusion of religious piety with nationalism is pretty sickening too.

  • NotYou007

    The 2nd like over at Youtube was from me.

    BTW, Well done. Would watch again 🙂

  • «bønez_brigade»

    *clicks Like*

  • Wow, thanks for that! When they dropped to their knees I was really expecting to see a Goa’uld telling them to “Kneel before your god!”.

    That ending was way better. 😀


  • Sue

    oh, thank DOG. When I saw the original I was thinking, “please, please someone make a parody that we can all go to YOuTube and “like”–since we’re not allowed to comment on that hateful bit of trash that the NDOP folks put together. Sheesh, no wonder young people are leaving the church in droves!

  • Oz Tilson

    I am as of now having a sandwich making party at both of my sons kindergarten classes that day. It is cooking day so it will go over so smooth too. Between the two classes of 40 kids there are 22 who have religion pumped down their throats. I can’t wait to have them suppporting the evil “Sandwich Day” without knowing it.

    We are in Canada- will it even help? Will this appease the god?

  • Evan

    Make me a sandwich!
    What? Make it yourself.
    Sudo, make me a sandwich.

  • Nerdiah

    Oz wrote:

    I am as of now having a sandwich making party at both of my sons kindergarten classes that day

    Oh Oz, that just made my day! Sadly 5 May doesn’t fall on either of my son’s playgroup days, but it makes me very happy to know that sweet little kindy kids in Canada will be making secret symbols of delicious and healthy skepticism on that day 🙂

  • stone_fragment

    When I saw the original, I was quite disappointed that they have disabled Youtube comments. All I wanted to say was “Calm the frell down!”

    As a UK person, no wonder the US is so scared all the time and need to load up on ammo and bibles. Fox combined with this sort of advertising? I kinda feel sorry for the bullied and misguided masses!

    Deep breaths…it’ll be ok!

  • George

    Come on, Golden Gate Bridge? What exactly are they implying, huh???

  • Carlie

    I assume this is from the evangelical protestant-type people (the original), but the lyrics sound like it’s just “Ave Maria” over and over again. Do they understand that they’re all praying to Mary instead of God?

  • Paul

    Is fast-moving, red clouds the best that the Creator of Infinity has?

    Was I supposed to be scared?! OOOOHHH, Weather-God might make it cloudy with a chance of showers, high in the 50s! I actually dig cool sunsets. And long walks on the beach.

    Also, I tend to pray with my hands clasped around something else. Is that wrong?

  • lol I can’t believe the original was for real. It’s like making fun of itself.

  • Staceyjw


  • bryan

    Love it!!!

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