Where Are the Atheists of Color? April 6, 2011

Where Are the Atheists of Color?

I know Greta Christina put this out a little while ago, but I wanted to promote it here: A gigantic list of atheists of color.

If you’re helping to organize an atheist conference, and you want your conference to be more diverse and more reflective of the makeup of the atheist community? If you’re an atheist writer or activist, and you want your quotations/citations/blogroll/etc. to be more diverse and more reflective of the makeup of the atheist community? If you’re simply part of the atheist community/movement, and you want to be more familiar with the work of a wider range of atheists, a range that’s more diverse and more reflective of the makeup of the atheist community? Hopefully, this list will help.

I would never want a conference planner or group leader to simply bring in a “token minority.” But this list is full of people who have a unique perspective on atheism and a lot to say. Their voices don’t get heard in our community nearly enough and our gatherings would benefit from their inclusion.

If you notice any omissions, feel free to let Greta know in her comment thread!

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  • Ian Reide

    I would have thought that Reginald Finley would be near top of any list?

  • Peter Mahoney

    I see Dan Barker’s photo among the “Atheists of Color”. I’m a fan of Dan Barker.

    Well, maybe I’m like Stephen Colbert in that “I don’t see color”, but I can’t imagine a dark-skinned atheist seeing Dan and saying “wow, there’s an atheist who looks like me”.

    Perhaps it becomes tough to say what color/shade or family history qualifies as being an atheist “of color”. Even within a family, I have known light-skinned family members within a dark-skinned family. Regardless, we should certainly welcome all variations of atheists, of all colors/shades/genders/sexualities/ethnicities/etc. and if lists and collages showing various subgroups helps then I am all for it.

  • Reginald Finley is on the list. It’s alphabetical.

    And Dan Barker is Native American.

  • And Dan Barker is Native American.

    It’s great to see other Natives in our group. If only there were more!

    Dan is one of my heroes. I hope to meet him someday.

  • Loved seeing this list–thanks!

  • CanadianChick

    Hemant, if you also enjoyed Anu Garg’s speech in Portland, let Greta know…more votes for a relative unknown than just mine would be awesome.

  • Someone

    I am a black female atheist (the magical unicorn of atheism!), and I’ve always wondered how to become an atheist “pundit”, so to speak. I suppose a blog would be the most forward way, but there are already so many atheism-centric blogs out there that I can’t imagine my content would be any more noteworthy than Hemant’s, or PZ Meyers, or a host of others.

    My husband joked I should start a Black female atheist meetup, since in the course of running our business we’ve actually come across a surprising number of them, but I fear this would be unnecessarily exclusive.

    Any thoughts?

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