A New Atheist License Plate in Texas April 3, 2011

A New Atheist License Plate in Texas

When it was time for reader Ramon to choose his new license plate, he wanted to express his belief system as well as his Hispanic heritage, so he went with “ATEO,” Spanish for “male atheist”:

(Ramon’s a fan of Superman, too 🙂 )

If you’re thinking no one will understand it, keep in mind he lives in Houston, where there’s a sizable Spanish-speaking population.

The fee for that plate, by the way, is $30/year. Ramon opted for the design that gives $22 of that money to the “Texas Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for direct services programs, training, and education.”

Charity + atheism = awesome.

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  • Jeff

    It’s Texas, so he didn’t have to worry about having to append a number to it. Without question, he’s the only person in the state with the cojones to do that.

    A Mini Cooper – a small, sporty, European car – with a license plate that says “Atheist” in a language other than English (which, as everyone knows, is God’s own language). How long do you think it will take for it to be vandalized (and I mean how many minutes)?

  • While I tend to agree it’s like that in some parts of Texas (mostly small town) it’s certainly not like that everywhere.

  • maria

    vivan los ateos!!
    It’s a shame in Spain we can’t do that…

  • Atheist and Hispanic in Texas doesn’t sound like he is going to have lots of friends. He might really need some super powers, or maybe a bunch of super eses.

    As a Hispanic myself, it’s sad to admit that while many Hispanics claim tolerance to live here, they won’t have it towards does who dare to sway away from traditions, one of them, being religious. Good luck to Ramon.

  • CanadianNihilist

    This is nice and all but as soon as the department of motor vehicles (or whoever does the license plates there) finds out what it means they’re going to find a reason to invalidate the plates.

  • Being that I live on Vancouver Island up here in Canada, I find it odd and a little embarrassing when I come across anyone that still attends church.
    3 Cheers for this guy’s plate.
    He has a strong international community behind him!

  • tkmlac

    Awesome! And I’m glad that he chose a Deaf/HOH charity that promotes interpretation and education rather than “cures” like cochlear implants. Charity+Atheism+Being well informed about a community other than your own=Awesome!!

  • I’ll agree with the atheist portion. I am, however, a Batman fan. Ramon and I could never be friends.

    Unless he agrees that, like everyone, Superman has the hots for Batman.

  • Richard P.

    Being that I live on Vancouver Island up here in Canada, I find it odd and a little embarrassing when I come across anyone that still attends church.

    Me too being in the Okanagan. On occasion I have been surprised by this as well.
    Really, you go to church…hahaha…

  • Cool plate, but I have a better t-shirt for him.

  • synergy

    Agreed with Hamma and Diego. I live in San Antonio where, I think, there’s more Spanish speakers than in Houston and it would definitely be understood, but incredibly rare to see.

    I just noticed the Superman metal logo actually attached to the car. Does he ever like Superman. 😀 Around SA, though, people would think it was for the Spurs. :p

  • Superman + atheism = Nietzsche

  • Danielle

    Batman is better.

  • John McCready

    I admire the man’s bravery. A true atheist inspiration! Given that now half of CA is Mexican, I would love to see one of those “ATEO” license plates out here as well!

  • Like his choice of charity, plus the plate is cool!

  • L.Long

    I admit my ignorance what is the hand sign on the plate?

    This guy is awesome and brave.

  • Al

    @L.Long: it means love (which makes the plate even more awesome).

  • Tina in Houston

    Fantastic! Occasionally we do see Darwin fish and a FSM emblem once in a while here in Houston. It’s a breath of fresh air amongst the pro-life bumper stickers.

  • Felicidades a Ramón por su placa!

    I am a fan of Spidey but hey! he got to beat Supes in a crossover comic (with a little help from Luthor) so I think we are OK

    Saludos del Hipopótamo desde México

  • Ramon C

    Hi y’all!
    I was so excited to see myself in this great site (and by Google Reader!) that I’ve got my face all red 🙂
    I do not think of myself as “brave” but you might be right I just increased my chances to be vandalized, I hope it doesn’t happen ever.
    One person actually asked me if I had it by chance or if it was personalized, so, there is chance for them to think “Bad luck for a guy”, of course, that chance will be zero when I get my Science Fish logo 😀
    About Superman/Batman thing, I must say it is the only “Trinity” that I might follow (Wonder Woman+Batman+Superman) (women first!) oh! and also Babylon 5 trinity of course.

    It would be very sad if I’ve got it invalidated, it doesn’t “offend” anybody, of course, for the bigot, the mere existence of us is enough to be offended 🙁

    I know the charity thing is very small, I shall increase it over time.

    Thanks again to all of you!
    Muchas gracias a todos!
    -Ramón Caballero

  • Jeff

    @Ramon: of course, that chance will be zero when I get my Science Fish logo 😀

    Ramon, if you really want to piss them off, you should get a Flying Spaghetti Monster emblem as well!


  • Amanda

    A Spanish-speaking atheist with a Mini who donates to charity?! Where do I sign up?

  • Ramon C

    Well, I don’t actually want to piss anybody off, although I don’t care at all if they get pissed 🙂
    My goal is to only show people how normal an atheist guy is.
    The idea of the FSM is a very good one and I laugh at the satire every time, but I think it has its risks as well, how can we be sure that in ~2K years there will be no people praising for real to the FSM, and believing in the true word of the Monster?
    Maybe Christianity started as a prank joke for the Jewish faith, with all the fulfilled prophecies and telling a story in a time when nobody could verify it anymore.
    That is why a prefer the science fish or the evolution/Darwin fish, I don’t “indoctrinate” my kids with atheism but they have learned something important, to always say “You want me to believe that?….then show me the evidence!” (And I am proud of that! 😀 )

  • Ben H.

    I am an Atheist Houstonite.
    I don’t have an “atheist” plate but I do have an FSM emblem on my car! I will look out for Ramon on the highways and give him a friendly honk if I see him!

  • Hector J. Robles

    @ Ramon C
    Do you believe in Love?

    Are you fell in love with your wife?

    Then show me the evidence !

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