Guess Whose Birthday It Is? April 2, 2011

Guess Whose Birthday It Is?

Our own Jesse Galef is turning 25 today! Wish him well 🙂

This whole post was really just an excuse to post a picture of Jesse.

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  • Sue B

    Awe…Jesse’s cute! Happy birthday!

  • Adam

    Sweet shirt

  • Lauren

    I can see why you took the excuse to post a picture of him. Young, good looking, AND a D&D fan? Rawr. 🙂

    Oh, and happy birthday! I’m going to call all that blatant drooling my present…such as it is.

  • Happy Birthday, Jesse! Hope you have many more!

  • I can’t add anything to what Lauren said.. completely agree 😉

    Happy Birthday!

  • Awesome caption.

    Happy Birthday, Jesse!

  • Im lurving that shirt. It might be D&B But it could be MTG! :O

  • HA!!

  • Demonhype

    Who needs an excuse? He’s gorgeous! 🙂

    Happy Birthday, Jesse!

  • dc

    Love the shirt! Have a great day, Jesse!

  • Richard Wade

    Happy birthday, Jesse. Now stop being so handsome. It’s annoying.

  • David W

    I’m glad you did, he’s lurvely 😉

    Happy birthday sir!

  • Sliver

    Happy birthday, handsome! 😀

  • Thanks guys! It feels both strange and appropriate to say that I’m 25 year old.

  • Ooh. Dragon*Con. I approve. 🙂

  • Dan W

    Awesome shirt. And Happy Birthday, Jesse!

  • Another vote for the shirt, and happy birthday from Doc Rotwang!, yo!

  • Nate Mauger

    C’mon Hemant, Jesse’s more than just a cool shirt and a bandana….he’s got a goatee!

  • Happy Birthday, Jesse!

    (Pssst, Hemant, you might want to fix the spelling of the title of this post…)

  • Felicem natalam tibi exopto, Iesse!

  • @Anna — Fixed! Whoops 🙂 Thanks!

  • Dakota Bob

    Sadly the whole post was RUINED by that sexist joke of yours, Hemant! (lols i kid)

  • Nerdette

    Jesse, that goatee+bandanna+tee combo is a +12 bonus to Seduce spells.

    Happy Birthday!

  • Aimee


  • Happy Birthday, Jesse.

    However, Mr. Friendly Atheist Sir, does making this comment about posting a picture of Jesse make having the previous comments about Ms. Byron some how less sexist? I don’t get it…

  • Kela

    I will echo the great shirt but have to add Long Live Wil Wheaton!

  • Lol@ equal opportunity sexism

    Happy birthday!

  • Kimpatsu

    Many happy returns, Jesse.

  • Oz Tilson

    happy birthday!
    Wow! I far prefer women to men – but wow! You sure are a spectacular model of man!

  • Uncle Bob

    People. Ths was supposed to be all about treating him like a piece of juicy meat, to counter the picture of Kari Byron. So lets stop talking about his shirt, m’kay?

  • Oh. My. God.

    Jesse, you preemptively stole my birthday! But I suppose that I’ll allow you to share it with me, as a birthday present 😛

  • Rollingforest

    @Cory Albrecht: Next you’ll be telling me that his jokes about eating babies are supporting infacide and that they are horribly offensive to parents everywhere.

  • Richard Wade

    Jesse said,

    Thanks guys! It feels both strange and appropriate to say that I’m 25 year old.

    That’s because at 25, it’s strange to be appropriate, and appropriate to be strange.

  • Claudia

    Happy birthday Jesse!

    Hemant, you don’t need any excuse to put up pictures of Jesse. No, really. Anytime. Not bothered at all 😀

  • Jennifer

    I’m with everyone who thinks he’s hot and agree you should post pictures of him any time you like!

  • Love D&D!

  • Happy B-day, Jesse!

    Forget how hot he is – how much MONEY does he make?

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