Bring Adam Lee To Your School April 2, 2011

Bring Adam Lee To Your School

To any Secular Student Alliance affiliate group out there, our Speakers Bureau now includes Adam Lee, blogger at Daylight Atheism! Adam’s been writing about atheism issues for years and he’d be a great person to bring to your campus.

If you’re interested in bringing Adam — or anyone else in our roster — to your school, all the instructions are here.

Adam and I share a special bond: Republican Elizabeth Dole cited our websites in a smear campaign against her 2008 opponent in the North Carolina Senate race, Kay Hagan.

Dole eventually lost 🙂

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  • Lion IRC

    Ebonmuse went down in my estimation when he used a ban to restrict an opposing point of view (mine) on his blog. (After I had been a regular poster there for quite a while)

    I respect atheists who allow free speech in the AvT contest of ideas and I regard myself as a polite, respectful poster – no expletives, no ad hominems, certainly no disgusting racism or sexism.

    Besides, who ever banned or censored someone they were “beating” in an argument? I’d be chasing them down the street saying ….come BACK

  • Azkyroth

    Lion, perhaps if you were to give a link to the thread in question…?

  • Lion IRC

    I dont think it was any one single thread which did it. More like a straw which broke the camels back. I had been posting there for over a year.

    Thats OK. It’s his blog.

    I’ve seen atheists banned from nominally Christian and Islamic fora for no good reason as well – its simply a case of…”I dont like what you say”…

    …and I dont want anyone else to see it either!