The Cost of Getting Married? March 29, 2011

The Cost of Getting Married?

The Bible Tutor is back and she’s teaching us all about 1 Samuel 17-18 and what David did to get his wife:

I love the last line 🙂

And now I know what I need to show my future bride’s father when I’m ready to propose:

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  • the captain

    Even better than the first one!

  • Steve

    Now you know what he does with all those foreskins

  • ellie

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeek! Bible is so yucky…

  • Danielle

    lol, him swimming in the foreskins…

  • KeithLM


    What can’t you do with 200 foreskins? The possibilities are endless.

  • NotYou007

    I’d like to be her David “evil grin”

    Funny video, would watch again.

  • Annie

    What did he need with all those foreskins??? Did they make foreskin condoms? Coin purses? What? The bible is creepy.

  • Kristi

    …..and people allow their kids to read this book….. how … scary? no… disgusting? definitely.

  • pk

    hahahahaha….. if only christians read the bible enough to know how wacky it is!!!!

  • Emma

    Oh. Dear. FlyingSpaghettiMonster.

    Kept having to stop the video every 15 seconds. Waaaaaaaaay too much bizarrity to take in one go.

    Can’t help but wonder if it’s stealth parody.

  • God is so creepy and gross… ew. =)

  • Cute.
    I did a t-shirt on the subject some time back.
    The Thinking Atheist did a great video on it as well.

  • You know what the apologists will say: “That’s the old covenant. Jesus came to give us a new covenant! oh and the Bible is the unerrant word of god!!”

    Most of them I know have no idea this stuff is in there. They’ve been spoonfed only a small percentage of the whole. And they act like I’m the bad guy for pointing it out. Someone needs to make a Facebook app that posts verses like these daily on your wall. I’d even pay for one.

  • i know this is sexist, but damn she’s hot…

  • Bee

    Oh, this is so excellent.

  • @dantresomi,

    “i know this is sexist, but damn she’s hot…”

    No, it’s not sexist.

  • Thackerie

    David was a bigamist when he married Saul’s daughter since he had already made a “covenant” with Saul’s son Jonathan — the first recorded same-sex marriage. (Not that bigamy, trigamy, etc. was any big deal in the Buy-Bull.)

    Unfortunately, they didn’t remain one big happy family. But I suppose that if they had, the soap opera would not have enjoyed such a long run.

  • How did he get the foreskins? Did he set up a shop or something? Why foreskins?

  • Steve

    The biblical thing would be killing the men and cutting them off

  • Peter Mahoney

    They sew a few foreskins together to make a wallet. If you rub it, it becomes luggage.

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