Atheist/Christian Double Standards March 26, 2011

Atheist/Christian Double Standards

DarkMatter2525 brilliantly lays out example after example after example of the double standards regarding how people view Christians and atheists:

This video contains some insane things I’ve heard. You can see how the ridiculousness of these double standards and assumptions glare when I arrange them side by side. Whatever trait you blame on atheism or attribute to religion, I can point to an abundance of examples to the contrary — and the excuses are usually quite laughable and transparent.

Amazing how that works, isn’t it?

DarkMatter2525 ends the video with the tidy phrase: “People are both good and bad, whether they believe in a god or not.” So true.

Unfortunately, I’m sure you all can point out many more examples of outright hypocrisy than the ones mentioned in the video…

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  • Rebecca

    This pretty much sums up the past 2 days for me and an ex-friend. Had to do it, but I had to use the xtian bible against a brainwashed bible thumper for various things. He won’t talk to me anymore b/c I pointed out some of the contradictions in the N.T. And told him about some of the double standards mentioned in the video. So much for turning the other cheek! And to think, he called ME a hypocrite! tsk! tsk!

  • Jen

    WTF??? This is ridiculous.

  • “You ignored my whole argument, you atheist!” is the one I usually see. It always comes after some irrelevant divergence into scripture quoting. Even if it does get a direct response, why, that filthy atheist is just getting his information from atheist sources!

  • Emanuel Goldsein

    The funniest thing about atheists, is that after telling me there is no God to tell me what I should do…then THEY invariably turn around and try to tell me what I should do! LOL!

  • Justin

    Zooming in on the eyes at the end was just weird.

  • Richard P.

    Isn’t everything in Christianity opposite of what they say. It’s really the only way I have been able to understand, how they do, what they do. It’s really what drove me away. They always preach one, do the opposite and pretend it isn’t.

  • shen

    The funniest thing about atheists, is that after telling me there is no God to tell me what I should do…then THEY invariably turn around and try to tell me what I should do! LOL!

    A few observations…

    First of all, in my own experience, there is a difference between telling people what to do, and making an argument for what right behavior should be. Giving orders is not the same as supporting ethics. And those who are religious often accuse those who aren’t of giving orders when it looks like they are just defending proper behavior to everyone else. Just a possibility.

    Second, there is a basic observation in this exchange you might be missing. You can’t point to a god and prove he/she/it exists. The atheist however is standing right there talking to you. By definition, if they are telling you what to do, they are right there existing. That puts them a leg up on god.

    Lastly, while I don’t support telling people what to do (which again is not the same as making an argument for correct behavior) with the massive set of possible generalizations and assumptions I can see just off the top of my head in your statement, it doesn’t really mean anything.

    Do you mean that people don’t tell each other what they should regularly? Is it only atheists who expect certain behaviors? Does not believing in god somehow mean you can’t expect ethical behavior? You aren’t explaining your point very well. Try it again, I feel like I am missing something, maybe you could make it clear.

  • Jeff

    Absolutely true. Unfortunately, you could play this over and over for most evangelicals; they simply wouldn’t see themselves in it. They are the least introspective people on the planet. In fact, I’d bet dollars to doughnuts they’d respond to every one of the Christian characterizations with “What’s wrong with that?”

  • SwimsWithSharks

    This might just be my favorite video by Darkmatter ever.

  • anonymous

    I just happened to stumble across this page and this video. After watching it I have to say that both sides equally have guilt in this behavior. I don’t approve of how most christians act, but I feel the same about muslims, pagans (or neo-pagans, whichever they like to be called), new agers, buddhists, atheists, etc etc. I wish that everyone would just be tolerant of each other and not try to force their beliefs on anyone. Wishful thinking I know… Two wrongs don’t make a right, and tolerance needs to prevail. Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now. hehe

  • Sounds about right. If on;y I’d accept GOD.

  • Dan W

    I think I’ve heard pretty much all of the double standards included in that video at some point.

  • KrisB

    I’m a Christian, and i thought this video hilarious!..on its own terms, i mean, it’s a critique of judgementalism above all else? right?…sure Christians are pictured as the arch-judgementalists…haha ..some of us are !

  • I liked the comparison.
    I would like to take the video to a coffee shop and set it to replay for hours!!!!!!!!

  • Dan Lewis

    Pretty well done! Yay! Atheists, unite! Theists, wake up!

  • Ninjapino

    “The funniest thing about atheists, is that after telling me there is no God to tell me what I should do…then THEY invariably turn around and try to tell me what I should do! LOL!”

    That’s the thing a lot of people seem to miss…’s not telling you HOW you should do something. It’s about leaving other people alone when they do something just because you believe it’s wrong. I’m against smoking in public, but if I see someone smoking where they are legally allowed to, I’m not going to go up, rip the cigarette out of their mouth, and tell them how horrible of a person they are. Do I think it’s a horrible, disgusting habit? Yes. But I have no room to tell them they are wrong. If they ask, then I’ll have a reasonable conversation with them about my point of view. Other than that, it’s not my place. It’s about courtesy.

  • That was fantastic!! Wish I could share it with my christian family.

  • Blamer ..

    I recently witnessed a speaker quote a passage from Numbers to which somebody in the back row objected “But that doesn’t mean THAT”.

  • trolling victim

    “The funniest thing about atheists, is that after telling me there is no God to tell me what I should do…then THEY invariably turn around and try to tell me what I should do! LOL!”

    There are at least two distinct ideas here. One is the belief in a supernatural being, which there is little point in arguing, as reasonable application of logic should have prevented, or at least suspended, the belief in the first place.
    Another idea presented is the coercion of behavior of one entity from another. While obviously people have different beliefs towards morality, is there any doubt that all people try to coerce others to behave a certain way? Sure we’d all like to believe we are above this, but don’t be fooled- even leading by example is a form of coercion. Perhaps you don’t consider atheists just as vulnerable to human nature as yourself?

    I don’t approve of how most christians act, but I feel the same about muslims, pagans (or neo-pagans, whichever they like to be called), new agers, buddhists, atheists, etc etc.

    The grouping of atheists in here is, quite frankly, insulting. I’m curious of what atheistic behavior it is you don’t approve of? I’m sure you could pull a couple of big names out of a hat- people who we could all agree are evil. But that argument has been handled before as well, hasn’t it? A small group of famous evil atheists defines atheism no more than several dozen evil theists, many of whom are alive today, define theism.
    Following that same vein, when is the last time an atheist woke you up on a Saturday in an attempt to convince you if you didn’t follow their beliefs, you would be punished? When is the last time, on the nightly news in front of your children, an atheist was shown waving a sign that says “Atheists hate f*gs”? (Luckily, the US networks have to get past the FCC, so those words get blurred out).
    So far as I can tell, the worst behavior you can expect from your typical atheist is a rambling rant on a random blog… and usually an atheist blog at that 😛 Is that what you were referring to?

    I understand you were just trying to get across the idea that you just want people to get along, and in tandem with that, tolerance of each others’ beliefs. I share your sentiment. Unfortunately, however, the “can’t we all just get along” mentality simply doesn’t work when one side is trained from childhood that the other is inherently evil regardless of actual morality or behavior. And the really sad part? They grow up to become adults that teach their children to prejudge people by which God they do or don’t believe in, rather than actions or morality, as well.

    If they ask, then I’ll have a reasonable conversation with them about my point of view.

    I’m now a middle-aged man, and to date, I’ve only met one Christian who followed this sentiment – and even he simply abandoned & walked out on the conversation when his arguments ran out of steam. I have been approached maybe a hundred times (I’ve had the good sense to simply not respond to most of them), and out of literally dozens of conversations, his was the only one where I wasn’t insulted, threatened, or stone-walled by repetition of circular logic. And to be clear, I don’t seek out theists, nor do I offer my opinions unless they ask. If only all theists shared the same code of conduct as him, and you, Ninjapino. And before the theists rebuke me for this: try reading your faiths’ texts. In most cases, you are explicitly called upon to spread your faith, and failure to do so is an iniquity.

    This may seem benign enough, but is another example of latent hypocrisy: Just the other day, a vendor I buy office supplies from shipped me several boxes with “God Loves You” stickers attached on the outside. Think about this for a second: not only was he begging the question, but using passive coercion towards everyone who handled that package halfway across the country. How would anyone react if atheists engaged in the same behavior? What if on all my future correspondence with him, I printed “Allahu Akbar”? Wouldn’t that be considered antagonistic? (I’d be more likely to use “Good Without God,” but it doesn’t mimic the idea well.)
    If someone sent you a package with “The Tooth Fairy Loves You”, would you take it as a gesture of good will? Or would you think they were “poking” you to see how you’d react? So how then is what he did any less antagonistic?
    Figured I’d vent here, rather than do what I have the moral stricture not to: call him up and ask him exactly which God loves me? And how could he really be sure, since most texts condemn non-believers?

  • Jeff

    I keep thinking of the line about God knowing the nonbeliever is going to go to hell, so he allows him to have some happiness now. In other words, it’s a setup.

    The worst thing I can think of is that God exists, and is as big a prick as most of his followers are.

  • Holeinmysock

    It’s not that athiests pick on christians or muslims. Rather, we are desperately trying to extinguish the most damaging flames in the wildfire that is religious belief.

    I hate the calls for tolerance. There is no tolerance for perjury in court. There is no tolerance for errors in math. There is no tolerance for incorrect theories in science.

    Why should there be tolerance for these religions that are so detrimental to our very survival??

    It. Is. Madness. It is a curable one, but, without a doubt, madness.

  • Bob

    The problem with this video is not atheism vs. Christianity, but the flaws of people themselves. My best friend is atheist and I am Christian. We have argued over many things, but I do not hate him nor do I think less of him. What you miss in this video is Christianity without the heart of God, without that Christianity is meaningless.

    I read in a comment above, that you pointed out some of the contradictions in the Bible, I have read many accusations, as I like to read many Atheistic arguments. I believe people shouldn’t be ignorant of what other people believe and even if you do not agree with someone else you should still respect what they believe. Here is a so called contradiction that is thrown around a lot, don’t judge lest ye be judged. If you take this out of context, does this mean you should never judge anything anyone does? Does this mean a judge in a criminal prosecution shouldn’t put someone in jail for murder or for rape? I think any rational human being would say that there are times when judgement is needed.

    The bible is just words without God guiding you and giving you insight into the contexts of his word. We do this for many of the judgments we make everyday we take things into context and make the best choice we can, however we are not perfect and we fail.
    Many of the depictions of what Christians actually believe are absolutely ridiculous and heartless in many cases. Do I think if someone has cancer and is an Atheist he deserves it and he is getting what he deserves? Really? How cold is that, how heartless, what is missing is human compassion. This is the heart of God from the context of his word and his action, that all were well and no one would be condemned.

    Jesus in his action healed all those that asked him and yes we do contribute to our own diseases, for example smoking and cancer and yes healing is a process and in order to be healed of some things we need change some of the things we do. Having said that what if someone smoked their whole life and died of lung cancer, my aunt’s husband just passed away from lung cancer, even if it was his fault we still have compassion and try to help that person and help them to get better, not be heartless and say oh well it’s their own fault ahahahah they got what they deserved. God wants everyone to be healthy and anyone who tells you otherwise just doesn’t understand what the bible says on the matter. Why doesn’t everyone get healed why are people sick? The answer, I don’t know; ask God, but I do know this many times healing isn’t instant they take time and effort, don’t give up.

    Let’s talk about the depiction of the rich atheistic man I personally know a man who was close to being a billionaire and is an Atheist(kind of). He is unethical and has actually murdered people and he has told me about how they begged for their life on their knee’s and no I am not lying I wish I was the cruelty and the hardness of his heart is unlike anyone I have ever seen. Does this mean everyone that is rich is unethical or if they are an Atheist they do nothing but evil things?

    First of all, I am tired of this depiction, that some people are good and some are evil, NO WRONG, if you understand the bible all of us are evil in our own ways even those who are Christian and try to do good. Stop acting surprised when someone you think should know better does something wrong, we are all human stop holding others responsible to a code of ethics you do not hold to yourself. We are dead in our own sin unable to do right in and of ourselves, forgive others, because at some point someone will have to forgive you.

    People are condemned by their own choice and by the rich man I spoke of by his own words and i quote. “I am unethical, but I will be rich as hell pardon the pun.” He has actually coped with the fact that is where he should go, him, EVEN HIM, I do not want him to burn, but would rather have him ask forgiveness for his sin’s and carry the burden of the cross. Do I believe that even he could be saved yes, even an unethical murderer, but it is not my choice it is his.

    Most importantly the two golden rules, do to your neighbor as you would have him to do you and love your God with all your heart, all commandments all judgments, yes all that is right and good come from those two.

  • Bob

    In a few hundred years or so when people are studying history, they will look at this period and say that a lot of people believed a man lived in the clouds and watched their every moves. Just like we look at the Greek Gods now. I’m sure they’ll think it was pretty funny how people could really think it was true.

  • religion kills

    “Why doesn’t everyone get healed why are people sick?”

    This is because some people have weak immune systems or cannot afford health care or refuse to take care of their bodies (praying for health falls under this category). There are many reasons people die from sickness. Sin is not one.

  • Stephen A. Ham

    Is this somewhat of a curiosity to anyone else?

    The Federal Bureau of Prisons does have statistics on religious affiliations of inmates. Atheists make up 0.21% of ALL US inmates.
    Is this possibly that they truly understand that THEY ALONE are responsible for their actions in life, that nothing is really “commanded by God”?

    Maybe theists commit more crimes because they erringly believe that they will be forgiven by their deity? Possibly, since 81.49% of inmates are committed to a Christian religion…

  • Amanda

    Well, the majority of religious inmates in prisons do convert to religious affiliations while they are incarcerated but that’s beside the point. The funny issue there is that they convert to religious faiths out of fear of eternal punishment and also the need to feel included in a community surrounded by chaos. Funny how god or faith aren’t the real reasons why they are converted. When will people wake up to realize they can be good people without a religion to back them up.

  • Hello

    just as this points out stereotypes about athiests, it also points out stereotypes about Christians. Yes, many actually think this way. But there are a sizable number who don’t. Yes, people with different worldviews are going to disagree by nature, but I know there are many wonderful atheists and there are some non judgmental Christians too.

    I know I’ve heard the “you Christians always…” before.
    We’re more alike than some of us who would like to admit. :-p

  • Daniel

    I’m an atheist myself, and I hear the point that the video is trying to make. But there’s one hypocritical thing about the video that makes me cringe: That claim that Christians make blanket statements about atheists. Isn’t this whole video a blanket statement about Christians?

  • Shane

    Personally, I like to see the video not as making a blanket statement about Christians, but rather pointing out to most Christians, “Hey, this happens on a regular basis. Please be aware when it happens!” Of course, that’s just my take on it.

  • I’m often attacked on facebook by religious individuals who come across my page. I’m no stranger to these accusations unfortunately, nor am I a stranger to those self congratulatory double standards of the religious.

  • DraconicCrusader

    Just sayin’ one double standard you left out was Athiest/Christian women. 😉

    Athiests are “always” godforsaken sluts and/or lesbians hellbent on sodomy and indulgence, whereas Christian women are chaste, and if they’re not virgins and/or have had many partners then they’ve been tempted or are too innocent to see when they’re being used by filthy heathens.

    Loved the video nonetheless! <3

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