If You Tried to Contact Me… March 25, 2011

If You Tried to Contact Me…

I just realized that emails sent to friendlyatheist@friendlyatheist.com over the past few weeks have not been getting to me.

I think the problem has been fixed… but if you sent me a story tip or email or anything else recently, I probably didn’t receive it.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I wasn’t purposely ignoring all of you. Please try again!

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  • ooh okay. I thought you were just pissed at me… Maybe you were. I still think you were. I’ll resend it anyway.

  • Lynn

    I hope you’ve got it worked out too! 🙂 Hope my suggestions pointed you in the right direction. 🙂

  • JB Tait

    Since you didn’t define “few,” I resent the two from the last 4 weeks,

  • JB Tait

    . . . three. And then a glitch and you get two copies of one of them.

  • CanadianNihilist

    And here I thought I was being ignored.

  • I’m pretty sure I sent you something, but I expect to be ignored, so how could I ever know?

  • Hemant

    @Jude — I try to respond to everyone who sends me something serious. It doesn’t always happen, but it usually does.

  • Jon Peterson

    Hmm… was this fixed before or after 10:12pm last night? xP
    I’ll resend it anyway, just to be sure.

    Edit: and then seconds after resending, I realized I wasn’t sending to that email address. Awareness fail! 😛

  • Richard Wade’s Evil Twin

    Mr. Mehta, I am being so glad that you have notified me of your email problem. I have been trying to reach you for several days. I have been sending messages to a colleague of yours, a certain Ask Richard, but Mr. Richard is of not yet returning my emails.

    Please by way of introducing myself, I am being Abdul Raheed Mustafa Abindabar Gefeltefish, a barrister and President of the Legal Office of Abdul Raheed Mustafa Abindabar Gefeltefish and Son in Rilirilibad, Dunundustan. I recently represented the financial interests of an important dignitary of our country, who was shot 35 1/2 times while driving, and he became late. He left a bank account with 246 trillion, trillion, quadrillion Dunundustan Dinars, the equivalent of $1,392 U.S. dollars. All of his relatives have also become late, and so there is no one to claim the money.

    If you would being able to pose as his long lost relative who has not yet become late, I would being able to send you this money, and you will being able to keep 50% of it while I will take 50% for my barrister fees.

    I assure you that this is all very in legal, but do not notify anyone else of this transaction.

    Please send me your social security number, birth date, all your bank account numbers, mother’s maiden name, usernames and passwords for all your internet accounts, blood type, whether or not you still have both kidneys, and the whereabouts of your favorite childhood toy. Then I will be able to send you the money.

    Peace be upon you,
    Abdul Raheed Mustafa Abindabar Gefeltefish, Barrister at Law, Spurious.

    P.S. My sister, Fatima Raheed Mustafa Abindabar Gefeltefish, an unmarried and most honorable young woman of 14 by age, saw your profile and was much moved by you. She wishes to share with you her love. She will also contact you after you have been taken possession of the money.

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