Visiting Portland for the Northwest Freethought Conference March 21, 2011

Visiting Portland for the Northwest Freethought Conference

It’s a bit last-minute, but I’ll be leading a discussion with student leaders during the 2011 Northwest Freethought Conference in Portland, OR this Saturday afternoon!

I’ll consider myself an appetizer to PZ Myers‘ main course. (He’s delivering the keynote that night.)

If you’re attending the sold-out conference, you should know I love root beer floats. And I *really* want to visit that Powell’s bookstore everyone always tells me about…

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  • Cris

    Powell’s is an experience not to be missed! And Rocco’s, across the street, has great veggie pizza. Between the two, you can spend the entire day. Ah, I wish I were in Portland right now…

  • I’ll see you there!

  • CM

    Definitely don’t skip Powell’s!

  • Emma

    I attend Reed College there, and I’d like to go, but I’m away for spring break this week. Urgh.

    But Powell’s is definitely a must see.

  • Daniel Miles

    I’m sorry I won’t see you at the conference, but you’ve had some good advice, Powell’s is not to be missed.

  • ryan

    Man, I didn’t even know there was a conference here. Shoot, I don’t get no Hemant!

    Btw, Rocco’s across from Powell’s is closed. Lots of places to get veggie pizza, just not there. I say go fancy and get Apizza Scholls or Ken’s Artisan Pizza.

  • Potco

    I still find myself asking when you’re coming to Texas. You should make them invite you to the Texas Freethought Convention this year.

  • Powell’s is great! You should definitely go.

    I *may* pop down as it’s only a two hour drive, but it depends if I have any energy left after my MN trip… We’ll see.

  • CanadianChick

    Squee!!! You HAVE to go to Powell’s – I’ll drive!

    Hope I manage to meet you there!

  • Diqui

    Don’t miss out on the most amazing chocolate experience at Cacao.

    Make sure you walk or take public transit, because their stuff will get you seriously buzzed!

  • CanadianChick

    Ok, where should we take Hemant for root beer floats? Widmer Brothers?

    Float party in a hotel room?


  • We’d have to be sure to use Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer. Now, what would be the appropriate alcohol to mix with that?

  • A Portlander

    DAMMIT. The one weekend I’m out of town this month . . .

    Also, Jen: PDX from Seattle in two hours would be a feat, but if you pull it off I’d love to hear how.

  • A Portlander

    Stuff Hemant has to do in Portland:

    * Yes, Powell’s, obviously
    * Food carts! Lots of veggie & vegan options:
    * Subterranean pirate-themed blacklight mini golf, because why not:
    * Ground Kontrol, our famous retro gaming arcade & bar. This place is nerd Valhalla:

    That’s my four cents.

  • Christina M.

    I agree; Powell’s is a must. The law, religion and sociology sections have books you just don’t see around here. For food, you should try the sidewalk food stands all over downtown. The lines for these stands at lunch is something to see. And you have to ride the TriMet, you will thumb your nose at our “L” after that. It’s so quiet and clean!!!
    And for the record, I’m insanely jealous that you’ll be in Portland this weekend and I’ll be here.

  • Gil K

    There are a lot of other things going on that I would recommend. Saturday morning is the large farmers market at PSU. There’s also the Saturday market under the Burnside bridge (local art, etc). Most bars/restaurants do happy hours (normally 4-6, cheap drinks and eats). Ground Kontrol is an old school arcade with lots of pinball and a bar. Chinese and Japanese gardens are nice as well. And that’s just a few simple things. Pick up the Willamette (pronounce -will-am-ette- rhymes with damnit) week and the Mercury for additional what’s going ons.

  • Cris

    Wow. RIP Rocco’s- it was open last time I was there (temporarily in San Diego, in PDX in September!)

    Agreed on the pirate mini golf and Cacao! I dream about their spicy hot chocolate…

  • 7fta

    You’ll have to try Deschutes Brewery, some of the best beer on the west coast, and if beer isn’t your thing try their homemade sarsaparilla-style Root Beer!

  • I could spend a week in Powell’s! Look forward to the conference and your part, Hemant.

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