From Superman to Doctor Evil March 20, 2011

From Superman to Doctor Evil

The evolution of god in the minds of atheists:

The Doctor Evil picture seems particularly apt for god: Seems sweet at times, maybe even well-intentioned… but, at the end of the day, just a bully with bad ideas.

(via Atheist Cartoons)

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  • Obviously ‘reading’ and ‘comprehending’ are not the same thing…

    (*puts on fireproof suit*)

  • Narvi

    Sure. If you comprehend the Bible, he seems more like Sauron – or even Eragon.

  • Greg

    Obviously, AndrewFinden, but ‘read’ being a smaller word makes more of an impact than ‘comprehend’ in the small space available to a comic.

    Don’t you think that’s rather a petty criticism of it? The fact that you are even able to make it, shows you understand perfectly well the gist of what was being said, anyway…

  • ACN

    Obviously ‘reading’ and ‘comprehending’ are not the same thing…

    That is a very pedantic criticism, that evidently even you knew was very pedantic.

    You parsed the meaning correctly, and I’m sure a majority of the intended audience did as well.

  • Tina

    Can we add “Mother Nature” to this list of things-we-must-mature-out-of? Please?

  • Bargain

    I wonder how many people here have actually read the entire Bible

  • Steve

    Probably more than the average Christian. Many people are atheists precisely because they’ve read the bible.

  • “Seems sweet at times. . . . just a bully with bad ideas”

    Sounds a lot like Nick Griffin of the British National Party, or even David Cameron, Prime Minister!

  • Aimee

    I read the bible as a Christian. I was a kid. I stopped being a Christian as soon as I learned enough outside the bible to see how depraved and inaccurate it is.

  • martha

    I was taught to not look at the bible literally, that it was written by man, with a lot of mistranslations and changes over time. The bottom line was that there is a god and Jesus came and suffered with us before returning to God. There wasn’t even much of the “dying for our sins” stuff. Or trinity stuff. Or son of God stuff. It was almost like Jesus was a symbol of humanity rather than God and was assurance that you would have life after death. I was also taught that it was unseemly to think that Christianity was any better than any other religion and that there are “many paths to the top of the mountain” or “rooms in the mansion,” both metaphors frequently used by my father. Pretty innocuous positions if you are inclined towards religion.

    However, if you just aren’t really wired to be a believer or to take things on faith, even this innocuous form of Christianity is extremely unsatisfying.

  • Alex

    I read the bible as a Christian. I was a kid. I stopped being a Christian as soon as I learned enough outside the bible to see how depraved and inaccurate it is.

    I’ve only read parts of the bible, but it seems actions speak louder than words. Why would I want to waste my time reading something that causes so much hatred and fear when there are so many better alternatives?

  • Mark B Hill

    On the difference of reading and comprehending, I am reminded of the line from “A Fish Called Wanda” where Jamie Lee Curtis calls Kevin kline a gorilla.

    OTTO: Gorillas don’t read philosophy
    WANDA: They read it Otto they just don’t understand it!

  • TheRealistMom

    I read the KJV cover to cover, and can honestly say my Biblical knowledge outstrips most xians that I know personally.

  • Richard P.

    Obviously ‘reading’ and ‘comprehending’ are not the same thing…

    Most assuredly there is a huge difference. When you first hear and read about god, you think the first picture. Then when you read it for comprehension you understand it’s more like the second.

    Very astute of you to pick that out Andrew, I never would have expected you to come up with that by looking at your blog.

    That is what you meant right?

  • Martha – “Pretty innocuous positions if you are inclined towards religion.”
    What you describe always seems to me to be a transitional form of religion. People who recognize the problems, but like the comfort. I agree with ‘innocuous’, as they’re not the ones who go around imposing it on others. I refer to it as ‘social christianity’ – going to church for the social contact. I’ve read research that the efficacy of prayer in healing, as has been touted by religious groups, on further research boiled down to knowing you were part of a community. Social support groups.
    We’re humans – essentially a tribal species.
    People like to feel they belong somewhere – which is partially why we’re all reading this site!

  • MrThetoon

    “Obviously ‘reading’ and ‘comprehending’ are not the same thing…”

    I get so sick of statements like this. They are of the same cut as, “You weren’t really saved”, or, “Not really a true Christian”.

    When such idiotic, simplistic assertions are made, it’s always the result of a defense mechanism kicking in that doesn’t want to face reality. I “comprehend” what I read. I understand the metaphors and underlying intent. I also recognize the outright absurdity and hatred the Bible contains within it’s pages.

    It’s the willfully blind who have problems with comprehension, and inability to perceive reality beyond their own deluded perceptions.

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