Albert Funkenstein March 19, 2011

Albert Funkenstein

Reader Daniel points out that at the website TeeFury (where t-shirts are sold for only 24 hours), today’s shirt has an image of some famous scientists… together in a rock band:

That’s Charles Darwin on bass, Sigmund Freud on drums, Thomas Edison on electric guitar, Ivan Pavlov on cowbell (yeah!), and Albert Einstein on vocals.

The deal lasts for another 11 hours or so… and the shirt’s $10.

The only woman I see is the silhouette inside the flask. Feel free to offer snarky comments about that.

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  • Rollingforest

    I think the message here is pretty clear: become a scientist and you can use genetics to create hot devil women that will have sex with you. Since science can’t offer you heaven, this is really the next best thing.

  • Rollingforest

    Also, you are forgetting that Charles Darwin was really a woman in drag.

  • rabrav

    is that schrodinger’s catwoman?

  • JD

    Did Freud really use the scientific method?

  • More appropriate then my Zombie Jesus t-shirt.

  • DocShinobi

    Oooooh I got one!

    There’s only two places a woman is any good. In the bedroom, and in the laboratory. *Giggidy giggidy, alright!*


    I like my women like I like my aqueous solutions: Thick and highly combustible. HIYOOOOOOOHH

  • Deanna

    My family has fallen in love with the three t-shirt companies that offer a new design every 24 hours. (okay, every two days)

    I’m obsessed. I check the three sites every day.

    We seem to buying a t-shirt a week, from one of the three!

    Hemant, you will love the two recent “math” shirts (we bought both for my son!):

    Since they are both from “woot”, they are still available but at $15 each.

    Reflections on Pi (3.14 = PIE)

    Trigonometree (Trig OH NO Me TREE!)


  • Deanna

    Oops. I put qwertee, twice.

    The third link was supposed to be TeeFury:

  • Demonhype`

    *pout* I did so want one of these for myself as well as one for my brother’s birthday, but I don’t have enough on my card–at least, not without getting dangerously close to maxxing out. So I’ll just have to be selfless and generous and just enjoy seeing my brother wear his. *sigh*

    Awesome shirt, though.

  • Justin Miyundees

    Religion can’t offer heaven either – but that doesn’t stop it! And threatens you with hell to boot! But Islam does have the 72 virgins (or raisins) going for it!

  • ManaCostly
  • Cthulhu

    We need more cowbell.

  • Hmmmmmm, naaaaaah, Edison’s a deal-breaker.

  • Josh Evolved

    Replace Edison with Tesla, Freud with Jung or Skinner, move Einstein to an instrument, and put Marie Curie on vocals. Then I would proudly wear that shirt.

    Oh and if Marie Curie is lead singer the band could be changed to the Rads Band, their hit single could be “Maybe/Maybe Not: Schrodinger’s Cat”

  • trixr4kids

    Freud does not belong in that band. He was no scientist.

  • Richard Wade

    Did Freud really use the scientific method?

    No, he didn’t. He basically made shit up. But he got a dedicated following going for generations, and whenever I asked one of his devotees about actually testing his theories, or testing Freudian psychodynamic psychoanalysis for efficacy, they’d look at me like I was an earwig in their cereal. How dare I, a therapist of all people, question the Master. They talked about the “beauty of the theory.” I told them I don’t give a damn about its beauty, I want something that actually helps people. Then there was this quiet stare, and I almost expected them to say, “You just have to have faith.” Good thing they didn’t, because I would have been arrested. It was the closest thing to a religion in psychology. It is finally fading out of fashion. Good riddance.

  • burpy

    Amen to that Richard.

  • Cortex

    Edison? Might as well throw Ford in there. Freud was, in his own words, a conquistador. Not really the kind of mentality that’s considered very scientific.

    What I’d really like to see is rock stars cast as scientists.

  • Anonymous
  • Jacob


    Really? I’ve never heard anything but “while he did do a lot for psyuchology to start with, he basically applied his own opinions to everything and very few things he said can be attached to legitimate theory.” The closest I have heard to Freud-worship is from stage-theory proponents.

    That said, he was working before people had really considered running paychology as an experimental field (which started with Wundt, so he’s also not this guy who totally ruined everything for psychology. I personally think he’s an interesting man for the things he DID come up with that have survived, like support of talking thwrapy and catharsis, as well as the concept of the subconscious and some parts of stage theory (it’s not all bad”

  • Rollingforest

    All I know is that psychology 101 spends WAY too much time on Freud. I remember spending three class periods on him alone. People say “he helped create psychology so that alone means he deserves study”. Yeah, well there are plenty of early astronomers who believed the Earth was the center of the universe but we don’t teach that an Earth-centered universe in college no matter how much they contributed to the early study of astronomy.

  • Richard Wade

    Yes, he was an important figure in helping to start psychology and psychotherapy. Some concepts are still very useful, such as the subconscious, but as in Rollingforest’s analogy about early astronomers, far too much time is spent on him. I’m sad to learn that the Chinese are flirting with psychodynamic psychoanalysis, as pointed out by Anonymous above. I hope they don’t waste 50 years on it as we did in the West. It produces dedicated patients who don’t actually change their self-defeating behaviors, and rich analysts.

    My beef isn’t with him really. It’s with the true believers I met and read who didn’t let the pioneer fade into history for a well deserved rest, and delayed later models that actually help people.

  • SeekerLancer

    I would’ve preferred Tesla on electric guitar.

  • ursulamajor

    Less Freud, more Curie.

  • Los

    Do you want scientists, or figures who’s names are popularly identified with science? Certainly both Freud and Eddison were influential on modern thought and life, but neither was a scientist. Also, do the scientists have to endorse Atheism? Both Einstien and Darwin were religious after their own fashion. If you want a band of truly distinguished and influencial scientists, recommendations would be easy. If you want them to be specifically, doctrinally atheist as well, it becomes harder. Most modern scientists I’m aware of seem to respond to the concepts of theism/athiesm as irrelevant to the work of science.

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