Radical Muslim March 12, 2011

Radical Muslim

A user on Reddit described what he thinks of when he hears “Radical Muslim” (and “Extreme Fundamentalist”):

Heh 🙂

I’ve never thought of it that way… because I’m a math nerd and this is the first thing that pops up in my mind when I hear the phrase…

Math: Where some numbers are imaginary, just like god.

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  • Aric

    Great! The radical Muslim reminds me of the real-life radical Sikh. Google Harry Perry.

  • zuckerfrosch

    In chemistry, a radical is an atom with an unpaired electron. So I think of Moslem•

  • Tyro

    Doesn’t that mean that positive muslims are real and negative ones are imaginary? I know this gets people labelled as phobic but shouldn’t that be reversed?

  • TychaBrahe

    You association of imaginary numbers with deities doesn’t hold, because imaginary numbers have real uses, such as in the analysis of alternating current and other aspects of electronics, and fluid dynamics.

  • Ben

    OMG…you just offended 1 billion Muslims! This justifies chopping your head off in the name of Allah and his messenger Mohammad (PBUH).

  • Kimpatsu

    Some numbers are imaginary, but belief in god is like some other numbers: irrational.

  • Nakor

    Eh, still doesn’t work. There are imaginary irrational numbers used in even basic trig, though to make life simpler we usually just write sin and cos of various values of pi. 😉

  • Sieve

    Excellent use of the Iron Maiden font.

  • Brian C Posey


    This conversation just reminded me of this.

  • I think guitars are haram.

  • Will

    I understand just enough math to get Hemant’s joke.

    Thanks, higher education!

  • BobTheSpaceBuilder

    Muslim are a subset of the Complex Numbers st. b+di where b are the believers and d is the deity they follow.

    You could expand this to the form…
    b_k+d_ki where k is an element of K(the set if all “deities”).

    Closest I can come this early in the morning.

  • Pureone

    Unfortunately, apparently Heavy Metal in Islam is a no-no. Head banging is too similar to Jewish body swaying during prayer. Plus the traditional long hair of Metal is also not welcome. Although, “Heavy Metal in Baghdad” does show there is a small population in the middle east who like it.

    \m/ Rock On \m/

  • Mia

    I’m a Muslim and I found that adorable. =)

  • Brian Macker

    Unfortunately the true radical Muslims hate music because they like to emulate Muhammad, and do things like banning music on radio stations under Sharia law.

    So that “adorable” guitar playing Taliban guy on the left isn’t what people think of when they hear the phrase. He’s as much a fantasy as the skateboarding Televangelist on the right.

    Meanwhile the persecution of non-Muslims by the Muslim neighbors, and governments goes unabated in most all Islamic countries.

  • Johann

    The extreme fundamentalist reminded me of this. (Warning: Perry Bible Fellowship comics are all about dark humor and schadenfreude. Open at your own risk. =) )

  • Vas
  • Poyndexter

    Too bad guitars aren’t the kind of axe the members of the so-called Religion-of-Peace wield in real life.

  • Hitch

    I like the math joke. I guess all deities are like the square-root of a negative number.

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