She Threw a Pie in My Face March 11, 2011

She Threw a Pie in My Face

In honor of Pi Day (on March 14th), the students at my high school voted on the math teacher they’d most like to throw a whipped cream “pie” at. We do this a little before Pi Day so the TV students can film it for their weekly newscast.

Guess who won this year…?

I’m not sure if I should be flattered or offended.

I’ll just assume all the kids immediately thought of me when they saw the blank line on the ballot because I’m full of awesome. (And delusions of self-grandeur.)

So one day after school last week, I changed clothes and headed over to the staging area, where one of the students eagerly awaited my arrival…:

The things I do in the name of Math.

(I get a raise now, right?)

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  • bigjohn756

    I think that you should be flattered. I would be. This means that the students think that you are handsome, suave and debonair, as well as a skilled and talented teacher. None of which I, as a distant observer, would doubt. Kudos, Hemant!

  • What’s interesting is – you reacted like a man who’s been pied before.

  • The maths teacher with the best sense of humour. I know my grumpy old bastard of a maths teacher would never consent to pie being thrown in his face. You’re obviously cool!

  • I give this video 3.14 stars out of five.

  • Pshaw. Like you need a raise with all of your internets money.


  • NotYou007

    What kind of man wouldn’t want a pie in his face?

    I think you should feel flattered and honored Hemant. Thanks for posting the video.

  • Tim

    I know I’d be flattered if my students chose me for a fun thing like this.

    Way to be a great sport, too. It looks like your students had a blast.

  • Natalie Sera

    Too funny! I think you most likely deserved it, whatever that means! 🙂

  • Michelle

    Very nice.

  • I’ll be the voice of dissent here – not exactly sure what the point of agreeing to this is. Has nothing to do with math.

    From my perspective, it just subverts the authority/student hierarchy. Students don’t respect someone who would willingly engage in such a public display of humiliation.

  • NotYou007

    Is OneSTDV being a troll or does it not really understand what 3.14159265 has to do with a pie to the face?

  • Drew M.

    Either that or he’s not of this Earth. His second paragraph is equally clueless.


    As pinkocommie said, you do act like an experienced receiver of pie to the face. Regardless, I have no doubts that decades from now, your students will remember you as a favorite teacher.

  • I agree with bigjohn756 and think that you should be flattered — you are a hero.

    Or, we are wrong and they really just wanted to take advantage of you — sucker.

  • No, I get Pi = Pie.

    I see why you would eat pie maybe, not why a figure of authority would see a public display of humiliation as a good thing. Or likely as something that would ingratiate himself to the students.

    Sure the students will laugh, but in the end they will lose respect for someone who would go through with it.

  • NotYou007

    So OneSTDV you are a troll and your balls have yet to drop.

    Grow a pair and let them hang.

  • Not sure how my comments even connect to not “having a pair”.

    So I’m being a troll for encouraging that teachers view themselves as authority figures and act accordingly?

  • NotYou007

    Ok, I’ll bite.

    A teacher is not an authority figure. They are there to teach and nothing more.

    They are not there to tell others how to live their lives.

  • A teacher is not an authority figure. They are there to teach and nothing more.

    I’m not saying teachers need to be a positive role models (that would be nice though), but they sure need to command respect.

    If you think teachers only need to know the material and how to effectively relay that information to the students in a pedagogical sense, then you’ve probably never spent time in an actual classroom, especially in a public high school.

  • NotYou007

    You are boring me OneSTDV.

    So good luck with your thoughts and have a good night.

  • Efogoto

    Way to take a pie, Hemant. I like the no-flinch on impact. Good for you!

  • @ NotYou007:

    It’s not like you said anything besides empty invective like “troll”, “you have no balls”, and “grow a pair”.

    What you could do is admit that you were wrong – that teachers should ensure they are respected in order to maintain classroom order and a general authority hierarchy for the school as a whole.

    If not, the kids run the school and if I’m not mistaken, Lord of the Flies wasn’t a utopian novel.

  • The things I do in the name of Math. (I get a raise now, right?)

    He-he. I’d take it as a compliment. Whenever we did any kind of activity at my school (granted, we never threw pies) it was always more fun if it was a teacher who I liked and appreciated.

  • Danny Wuvs Kittens


    Still funny though.

  • Daniel

    I would whole-heartedly argue this concept that there is a single “path to respect” that involves never doing anything goofy.

    An authoritarian hierarchy will work for some students, and not at all for others.

    It’s a public school, not the armed forces. Heck, even the armed forces occasionally have officers do something goofy.

  • Maybe they just think you’re an irrational number.

  • Heck, even the armed forces occasionally have officers do something goofy.

    Big difference between doing something goofy and allowing yourself to be humiliated at the hands of a student – while other students watch and laugh at your expense.

  • OneSTDV is wrong

    Come now, some perspective please. Did you go through secondary school? We’d have silly fun things like that every once in a while to bring a bit of fun into the class – whether games at the end of term or the occasional supersoaking of teachers for charity.

    It serves as a reminder that, actually, hierarchies should not be absolute – and, lest we forget, the most important part of schooling should be teaching people to question things and think of themselves rather than to thoughtlessly rely on the supposedly-ordained hierarchy. It serves as a reminder to all not to take themselves too seriously. Finally, it reminds that actually, most decent teachers’ relationships with their pupils is not merely as imposing bosses: you spend probably five hours a week with your math(s) teacher for several years. There will be funny times and tense times; the teacher simply cannot remain a personality-free robot in the pupils’ eyes (so to speak). This simply serves to underline that.

    That said, I do hope these were like 13-year-olds…it would be worrying if anyone older was stimulated to care about pi (the presumable aim of the day) by this.

  • Mark O’Leary

    That was not actually a pie, you know. Last time I was in math class, they told me pie are squared.

  • Alex

    OneSTDV – Exactly how evil do you think the kids at this school are? They aren’t gonna suddenly eat him because they’ve realised he’s a bit goofy, hell if they’re taught be him they probably already know.
    I’m still at school, and I know that I respect the teachers who have a sense of humour and are a bit more relaxed than the ones who are stock straight and do not flex at all. You learn a lot more from people you like that people who you fear, and you tend to respect them more too.

  • Liz

    I would hand my respect to Hemant and teachers like him any day. The teacher that refuses to participate in a fun event like this…I would be disappointed in them and respect them less. I mean, not if they just laughed it off and said,”no i dont want to be pied”

    But someone like OneSTDV who would say, “That is disrespectful! You shouldn’t throw pies in my face”…I would laugh at them and probably not pay attention in class.

    I had a pre-calc teacher who stuttered and ball room danced and he occasionally joked about himself. If someone ACTUALLY made fun of him, he would call them out but he took gentle joking with ease and EVERYONE respected him and thought he was a great teacher. And most importantly, they listened to him teach as opposed to the douche bags that everyone tuned out.

  • CanadianNihilist

    It does humanize him to the students. Which I guess makes him relatable and that’s always a good thing.

  • Awwww. That was awesome. Thanks for being such a good sport in the name of education! You know the kids loved it.

  • Annie

    Well done! As a teacher, I know how much things like this mean to students. Letting students know we can laugh at ourselves is a way to teach them that they can laugh at themselves too… I’ve never seen it mistranslated to students thinking they could laugh at their teachers. And as others already stated above, they will always remember that afternoon… and you!

  • Cyberguy

    What does the date 14/03/2011 have to do with pi?


  • Poyndexter

    When I was a HS student, I could never have brought myself to throw a pie in my teacher’s face, no matter the event. Even if a single teacher lacks a sense of decorum, it worries me moreso that an entire class of students also cross the line so blithely.
    It’s like bosses and/or co-workers who call themselves a family in some offices.


  • Jeanette

    Wow, I didn’t realize this would be “controversial”. My school used to hold pie your teachers in the face charity events. Students definitely wouldn’t do this for a teacher they didn’t respect.

    Anyway, I too congratulate you on your unflinching acceptance of pie to the face! Happy pi day Hemant 🙂 Dang, I wish I had you as a high school teacher.

  • Brent

    Taken like any proud Three Stooges fan would!! Way to go Hemant!!!

    I just wonder if the students were channeling Moe, Larry and Curly? *ROFL*

  • doglovingirl

    Being “disrespectful” to a teacher, or “humiliating” them, would be throwing the pie without prior approval, without warning. This is totally different; it was agreed upon and staged. I think kids most respect teachers who act like they don’t have sticks up their asses. Way to take a pi, Hemant! 🙂

  • … this video just brought back my confusion as to why “pie throwing” is always done with a plate full of whipped cream instead of a pie.

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