Matching Offer for Skepticon 4 March 7, 2011

Matching Offer for Skepticon 4

Everyone loves a good matching offer and here’s another one that will benefit young skeptics! Polaris Financial Planning will give the organizers of Skepticon 4 $2,800 for the October event in Missouri… but only if they raise $2,800 in the month of March. It’s all or nothing!

I gave $10. This is an incredible student-run event that has only gotten bigger over the years. I have no idea what they have in store for Skepticon 4 but no doubt it’ll be incredible.

They’ve raised nearly $1,000 as I write this. Can we put them over the top with weeks to spare?

(via Skeptic Money)

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  • Lauren Lane, one of the main organizers for Skepticon, informs us via facebook that we’ve made this match goal already! Woo!

  • I chipped in a few bucks. Here’s hoping they raise enough to throw a great convention, so I can go and see what my money bought me. 🙂

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