Ahh, the Beauty of Destruction March 4, 2011

Ahh, the Beauty of Destruction

I’m pretty sure this is how babies learn to become violent.

Too bad it’s #$&%ing adorable…

Someone pass me a baby *now* so I can try this out.

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  • L.Long

    Saw this at another site and it is adorable.
    My grand kids LOVE tearing paper, I still can’t see why. I think it is because the hand motion and the results work together and the kid is laughing in joy because he has finally got something right.

  • L.Long

    Although my previous comment is valid for my G’Kids, the one in the video is not really doing the destruction. So its just the love of destruction after all.

  • Hemant, your love of babies brings me such joy.

  • Chris

    Oh! It’s all fun and games now… until the kid finds the filing cabinet with insurance policies, tax forms, birth certificates…

  • Ponder this for a moment.

    The child thought the paper to be his friend, the father is ripping the friend to shreds, the child is confusion emotions, he is trying to cry.

    Now watch the video again. It breaks your heart.

    From the other room this sounds like a baby crying, I came running in thinking something was wrong while my wife played this, context is everything.

  • Oh, c’mon that kid is definitely laughing. Belly laughing.

    I think I heard on the news that he’s ripping up a job rejection letter, so the kids got the right attitude.

  • NotYou007

    If that does not make you smile, nothing will.

  • Lai

    Just wait until she finds your wallet full of dollar bills >:D

    This is very adorable though. The DJ in our local radio station actually held an impromptu experiment in our county with this.

  • Jon Peterson

    James, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    Once it has been thought, it cannot be un-thought. :C

  • Lynda

    Am I the only one distracted by the marijuana leaf pillow on the other chair behind the baby?

    Makes one wonder what the family is smoking! JK!

  • Jeff.B

    Ok, you have now fully redeemed yourself from your way past funny baby eating atheist jokes. This baby makes me want to wake my 2 year old up and tickle her just to hear her giggle.

    Ahhhh….but instead I’m pouring a drink and enjoying the silence.

  • CanadianNihilist

    I hate kids.

  • Diane G.


  • Richard Wade

    Hemant, what a wonderful dad you’re going to be.

  • sarah

    Ohmygoodness I want a baby. Ok, maybe just that baby. And only when it is happy. There are few things that sound as wonderful as a baby hysterically laughing.

  • Nele

    Baby: “Muahahahaha! MUAHAHAHA!”

  • i love the way you phrase it. “someone pass me a baby now” heh. like they just sit on a shelf and you can hand them out to visitors or something. no, my friend. one must catch and calm a baby before “passing” it onto those without their own, no small task, take it from me. the niece and nephew (2 of 6) were here yesterday and my home is a Disaster Area as a result. giggling and tearing are cute to you? go make some babies (i’m sure you know how) and get back to me after six months of this. with the little darlings using every piece of important dead tree paper you own that isn’t under lock and key. 😉

  • Claudia

    When you read the description on the video it makes it even better:

    8-month-old boy laughing hysterically while at-home daddy rips up a job rejection letter.

    Never has a rejection letter been so much fun.

  • Kristi

    I saw this last night and it was absolutely adorable. My kids used to laugh at stuff like this too.

  • Eli

    “Someone pass me a baby”

    Hemant, this is without doubt your most elaborate ploy yet to get your hands on babies to eat. Well done, sir!

  • Paul

    Hate to be a party pooper, but are we sure that the baby isn’t laughing about the *sound* of the paper ripping, which wouldn’t really have anything to do with destruction?

    But the baby laughing is just hilarious and sooooo cute.

  • You know what has lots and lots and lots and lots of pages and each page is really thin and papery and very easy for tiny little baby hands to rip? Give that kid a bible, stat.

  • Nick Andrew

    That’s an atheist baby, practicing the mandatory evil laugh.

  • Uzumaki

    Good explanation on Discovery!


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