Rock Beyond Belief Set for April 2 March 1, 2011

Rock Beyond Belief Set for April 2

***Update***: I’m not sure what’s going on, but this post on the RBB site sounds very troubling.

Rock Beyond Belief, a festival for non-religious members of our military (go Foxhole Atheists!), now has a firm date: April 2nd. Richard Dawkins is set to headline the event and there are several other secular speakers and musicians in the lineup (I’ll be there, too!):

I’m really excited about this event — a lot of credit goes to SPC Justin Griffith for putting it all together and the Stiefel Freethought Foundation for making a $10,000 pledge that gave the event solid footing from the beginning.

More on this event later, but for now, if you’re anywhere near the area, I hope you can keep the date open so you can attend.

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  • Rebecca Waller

    I need airport info, pretty please.

  • Aaron Stone

    Fayetteville (city Bragg is in) has an airport but it might be cheaper to go to RDU and drive from there.

  • NotYou007

    I love Maine but nothing fun like this ever happens in Maine. Lets hope someone post a video(s) of the event.

  • Rebecca Waller

    🙁 Nevermind. 500 bux. BLEH

  • CanadianNihilist

    Can’t have an atheist even without Richard Dawkins is seams.
    Thankfully it’s not on the first. I can just imagine what the jesus freaks would be saying.

  • Iason Ouabache

    Speaking of Jesus Freaks, how are they reacting to this so far? Are they going to be protesting with signs saying that this is a Christian nation? Will uber-religious military officers punish their men for attending the event? Has Pat Robertson predicted the end of America because of this yet???

  • Richard P.

    but then again…
    from the site

    However, we have just received some extremely troubling and unexpected news. We apologize for being vague, but we are completely blindsided by the most recent development.

    We’ll see…

  • Amy

    I hope the military is not trying to throw a kink in this, especially not after this fiasco last fall:

    I have been working on the planning committee for this event for months now. Justin (and his wife) have worked so hard to make this happen.) I can’t wait to finally meet you Hemant!

  • romo2austin

    The music lineup sounds awful

  • chris

    Really hoping RBB goes on as planned. We’re driving from Ohio to be there.

    And Iason Ouabache, some of us foxhole atheists are women…officers, even.

  • Dan W

    Hopefully their “troubling and unexpected news”, whatever that may be, doesn’t stop them from holding this event at its scheduled time.

  • Beckster

    Hope it still goes forward. We are in Raleigh and are really looking forward to it.

  • flatlander100

    Romo has a pt. Heavy on speakers, short on music likely to draw. Needs a fix if they organizers hope to draw big.

  • Christophe Thill

    So Hemant, have you already chosen your song list ? What band will you play with ?

  • Darlene

    I and my military husband and our teen son will be attending, and we are excited! Hope to get to say hello!

  • reilly

    This is close to home. I may get to attend. Really cool.

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