Reasons to Not Be Mormon February 27, 2011

Reasons to Not Be Mormon

I already posted one young woman speaking out against religion, so why not another?

Here’s Laci Green listing off a number of reasons she’s no longer a Mormon:

I love seeing people — younger women, older men, everyone in between — speaking honestly and openly about why they’re no longer religious.

You could share your personal story of becoming an atheist. You could simply list the actual beliefs you held when you were religious. You could read your faith’s holy book out loud — the passages your church/temple/mosque tries to cover up. You don’t have to be a jerk about it, you don’t have to attack people who are currently religious, and you don’t have to “blaspheme” to get your point across.

The whole point is to be out and proud.

The more people who do this — in any format — the better it will be for all of us.

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  • CanadianNihilist

    She mentions it being a cult. Silly girl, all religions are a cult. All religions are Anti-thought. They can’t exist if they entourage people to be free thinkers.

    I didn’t know how batshit crazy mormans are though. That’s a new one to me.

  • Got two minutes into it. Nothing but the same drivel other anti-theists spout. I found the idea of not thinking for your self especially funny as I think Mormons actually value that quite highly. Especially when compared to mainstream Christianity. But to admit to that would cast a positive (if small) on a religion, and we can not have that.

  • Steve

    If you go by a strict definition of “cult”, the Mormons qualify more than others. Most notably it has authoritarian leaders who claim to be direct prophets from god, closed social structures, keeping check of the followers’ personal beliefs and development, and shunning of dissenters.

    The Catholic Church for example has the Pope, but his influence is more over the church officials than the people. In any case what makes the Mormons more cult-like is that they often encourage all social activities to occur only with other Mormons (especially in areas with a large group of them). People are so steeped in the whole Mormon culture that an excommunication is far more severe than for Catholics. Where a Catholic would only lose the ability to partake in sacraments, Mormons often lose most, if not all their friends and acquaintances – their whole social group.

  • DocShinobi

    1) I fucking love Laci Green
    2) I have to laugh every time I see a “. . . and I’m a Mormon” add. You might as well be saying “. . . and I’m a goddamn lunatic”

  • so Jake, you think being forced to at all times wear Magic Underwear as a sign of your faith is “thinking for yourself?” what a small mind you have.

    that would’ve been the straw for me, had i been raised mormon. the first day my breasts sprouted, i was giddy to go and buy a fancy bra. the notion that i can’t ever be without the Mormon Magic Underwear would’ve totally driven me out of that cult, instantly the moment my religious leader told me i had to wear it. ick.

    that, and the idea that one of the most important holy figures in the religion is named “Moroni.” i mean, come on. the jokes just write themselves.

  • Chicago,

    Go ahead and claim we have small minds. Ill still keep on laughing at you guys for taking those arguments seriously. You could at least bring some actually decent criticisms instead of relying on stuff churned out by the anti-Mormon mill. It should not be too difficult a task for a group that constantly gets off on how “rational” they are.

  • Jeff.B

    Ok Jake, here’s your chance. Tell us why you think Mormons are rational. Give me a few “rational” reasons and explain to all of us simple minded folk why The Cult of Mormon does indeed promote free thought and individuality

  • venus

    Jake, just how rational is the special underwear? Can you defend that one AT ALL? I’m sorry, but mormons are just as closed minded as evangelical christians. With added crazy. And I don’t just read anti-mormon mill stuff…. I’m related, quite closely, to mormons. I know what they preach. I’ve attended their services. I’ve watched as they turned creative young people into automaton missionaries.

  • ACN

    How rational is the belief that your book was translated off of gold leaves by a guy with some rocks?

  • Jern

    Lots of angry people here!

  • Peter Mahoney

    1) Laci is awesome. She used to make a lot more atheist videos a few years ago. Indeed they were some of the first that I found.

    2) Re: Jake. It is tough to resist feeding the troll.

  • J Cole

    Mormons are the Scientologists of the 19th century. Just because it’s been around longer, dosn’t make it any less insane. Oh, and on a slightly different note Laci Green is hot and smart, and she’s on our team. Atheists:1, Mormons:0

  • CanadianNihilist

    Jern Says:
    Lots of angry people here!

    Indeed. The site owner may be the friendly atheist but these (forums?) are all riled up.
    I think the people are angry because someones been questioning their atheism recently. you people know who you are, and shame on you.

    least friendly anti-religious place I’ve seen all day.

  • NotYou007

    Because she is cool with it. Yes, we love your cleavage and your videos.

    For those that don’t know she has done a video about her cleavage so don’t get your undies in a bunch.

  • venus

    lol at “angry”… thinking something is ridiculous ? angry. But you go right ahead and embrace that persecution complex…

  • Phoebe

    I am proud to be an atheist. I have an open mind, I have read every main holy scripture of all the current dominant mythologies and some other more obscure ones as well.

    As Thomas Edison said, “religion is all bunk”. All you have to do is really read it all to know that. Read the scriptures and you’ll realize the prophets were all insane liars who duped all the gullible people. All they had to do was claim God told them a bunch of stuff in private, and they believe it. Time after time after time. Moses, Muhammed, Joseph Smith, etc.

  • Rich Wilson

    I think we should take it as a good sign that the blog seems to be attracting more theists lately.

    @Jern Angry? Seriously? I would have thought ‘Bemused’. I see a “what a small mind you have”, but that’s about it. That we don’t agree with you doesn’t necessarily make us angry. Not that there’s anything wrong with some well placed atheist anger.

    You know what angers me most about Mormons? Two things. They still knock on my door even after I’ve asked them repeatedly and nicely not to, and their missionaries do stupid illegal and DANGEROUS stuff on their bicycles. As a vehicular cyclist, that drives me nuts.

    Oh ya, and there’s that whole prop 8 thing. That’s kinda annoying too.

  • Lauren

    There is sooooooooooooo much ridiculous about Mormonism (ok, all religions, yah!), but I have to say, the story of its founder has gotta take the cake. A known charlatan and fraud “discovers” some gold tablets that only HE can see and translate (don’t look behind the curtain!!!), and after said translation, they go convieniently enough, back up to heaven…..

    And oh yea….any time he wants some fresh young kitty ‘meow’…”god” tells him to take a new wife. Yeaaaahhh. Nice gig if you can land it.

    Mormons are actually based their LIFE on this crap!!! It would be hysterical if it weren’t all so tragic.

  • Jared

    I’m always amused when I talk to mormons about gay marriage. I tell them about the LDS stance on interracial marriage before 1978, and I love to see the look on their faces. 

  • Godlesspanther

    Mormons are an interesting cult. The leader, Joseph Smith was arrested on fraud charges before he started his cult. He was also proven to be a fraud when “translating” the Book of Mormon from the golden plates they were supposed to have been written on.

    Not a problem for the Mormons.Like members of most (all?) cults — the leader is always right. In those instances in which the leader is demonstrated to be wrong beyond a reasonable doubt — the leader is extra-special-super-heavy-duty right. Go recruit more members.

    I read some stats on their missionary work. The average Missionary is said to get 1-3 converts in their two-year session. And of the small number of converts they get all but a small fraction of them leave before a year.

    The religion was growing, one of the fastest growing cults in the world 20-30 years ago. Now their numbers are slowly falling. Their recruiting efforts are are zealous but their attrition rate is very high.

  • Claudia

    I’ve had the “how crazy is Mormonism” discussion with my dad several times. He maintains that it’s just as crazy as regular Christianity or any other religion while I fall on the side of it being a little more nuts.

    I think what it comes down to is that those on the “they’re all equally crazy” side are talking about theological beliefs. In that sense they are absolutely correct. A virgin birth and resurrection is no less crazy than getting to rule your own planet when you die, particularly when you take into account that the claims of each religion draw from the cultural assumptions of the time when they are made (such that a religion born today would never claim that a prophet is “able to communicate instantly to millions of people” since even Bieber has a twitter account).

    Those of us in the “Mormonism is more crazy side” take into account the recency as a factor, because of the abundance of historical records. The claims about Jesus are crazy yes, but we don’t have newspaper articles exposing Jesus as a charlatan. The virgin birth is absurd, but we don’t have documented proof that Christianity started out a few decades ago as a mediocre sci-fi novel. There is an extra level of odd when you join a religion whose claims are even more verifiably ridiculous than usual.

  • Here is some more of us crazy f****** Mormons.

  • Steve

    The Mormons have actually been known to change some of their opinions on some things. It’s just done so quietly that hardly anyone notices. And then they pretend that it has always been this way. Not too different from the Catholic Church, though the Vatican tends to be a bit more open about it (and takes centuries to do so).

  • ACN

    Showing me a video of a mormon supporting marriage equality does not change the fact that mormonism is composed of a large number of bad/silly ideas stapled onto christianity, which is itself already ludicrous enough for me.

  • Rich Wilson

    A known charlatan and fraud “discovers” some gold tablets that only HE can see and translate (don’t look behind the curtain!!!), and after said translation, they go convieniently enough, back up to heaven…..

    It gets better than that. Since the story was transcribed, the transcriber’s wife came up with the brilliant idea of having Joseph Smith repeat the feat. After all, the story wouldn’t change, and the magic translating things would tell him the same story, right?

    Oh, whoops, we forgot, you can only use the tablets once. Oh, but we have a 2nd set here, but it’s from a different point of view, so the story won’t be exactly the same…

    Yeah right. Show me a talking snake.

    @Jake I have a couple of relatives and a friend who are Mormons. The friend in particular is one of the most intelligent people I know. I think there’s plenty of evidence that you don’t have to be crazy in general to have some crazy convictions. I accept that I probably do, but it’s not talking gold disks or talking snakes or men with elephant heads.

  • dave

    (FULL DISCLOSURE: I can’t see the referenced video at work. But I’ve seen almost all of Lacy’s videos, and I think I get the gist.)

    @Jake: “Nothing but the same drivel other anti-theists spout.”

    What do you mean? That “drivel” of rationality, critical thinking, and logic that we use to support our beliefs (or lack thereof)? I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

    From “childish, silly, or meaningless talk or thinking; nonsense; twaddle.”

  • People are so steeped in the whole Mormon culture that an excommunication is far more severe than for Catholics. Where a Catholic would only lose the ability to partake in sacraments, Mormons often lose most, if not all their friends and acquaintances – their whole social group.

    Indeed. Not only that, it’s scary how the Mormons keep tabs on their members. In the unlikely event that a Catholic is excommunicated, he or she can simply start attending a different Catholic church and take the sacraments there. Even if there’s an official “blacklist” of excommunicated members at the Vatican, the parish priest is unlikely to know about it, and it’s not like they take names before confession or communion. In fact, anyone (Catholic or not) can walk into a Catholic church and participate in communion, while the Mormons are so controlling they don’t even allow fellow Mormons into their temples and certain ceremonies unless they’ve been deemed “worthy.” A Mormon who gets into trouble with the leadership can’t simply switch churches because wards and branches are based on geography, not personal preference.

  • Great video, Laci. Congrats on being strong enough to stand up for what you believe at such a young age. I was raised Mormon and didn’t really challenge my upbringing til I was in my mid 30s. Served a mission etc because the pressure to conform is so strong. Only in the past 5+ years have I given myself the permission to decide for myself what to believe.

    In the end Mormonism is just like most other man-made religions— limiting, controlling, stifling. For those who are frightened by the unknown such things may bring comfort. Personally I ‘d rather make my own way.

    Best of luck in your new life.

  • littlejohn

    Mormons claim Native Americans are a “lost tribe” of Israel. DNA studies show they’re descended from Asians and have no connection to Israel.
    Mormons hold that the Garden of Eden was in Missouri. Do the snakes there still talk, Jake?
    BTW, Martin Luther King Jr. is in hell because black people didn’t have souls until 1978, ten years after MLK’s death.
    How about it, Jake? Care to explain any of that?

  • Bill

    Sweet Double-D Jesus!

  • Good for Laci. And for her age, she’s got a good grasp on the general idea of being a Mormon. As someone who grew up for years in the LDS church, I left for some of the same reasons that Laci stated in her video. You are pretty much told, in many ways and formats, to not question any of the church teachings. If you have some concerns, you are to pray about it until you feel like you have had your prayers answered. I always felt limited by that.

    As for our resident troll here, I’m not going to feed him. When you can’t be your human self and accept without questioning, nothing anyone says or does will change that. Change happens and when it does, and you are open to understanding your own humanity, then you can stop defending an institution that never has your best interests in mind.

  • Melp

    Great little video! I was raised several decades ago in the Assemblies of God — and by a preacher no less. It was very similar in some ways to Mormonism. We were told what to believe and what to think. Trust and obey for there’s no other way. Free thinking was definitely not encouraged. I believe it’s still pretty much the same even today.

    Women were also subjugated to a more subservient role, but in this day and age at least that aspect of it seems to be much less predominant in the Assemblies of God than it was in the past. Women are still told to obey their husbands, however, as the husband is still considered to be the head of the household.

    I think the Assemblies of God organization is still predominantly but not exclusively white. They pay lip service to racial equality anyway, for whatever that’s worth. Homophobia runs rampant, and of course A/G beliefs are almost (but maybe not quite) as wacko as that which Laci describes of the LDS.

    I’m grateful today to be free of religion and free of any and all gods. The blanket of fear and repression has been lifted. It’s like I was blind, but now I can see.

  • gnasher

    Jake, great video of one man overcoming institutional dogma and doing the right thing.
    However, this is an example of one man doing the right thing and is not representative of the position the church takes. See Proposition 8 funding in California for an example.

  • Celestialbound

    Here is a Mormon exit story, along with an essay about my journey to atheism if anyone is interested.

  • Oh wow I love being a Mormon. Sorry other don’t have as good of an experience. It’s not easy, but hey 😛

  • Why don’t you finally confront mommy about her refusal to breastfeed you. Then you might stop sharing irrelevant boob comments with the rest of us.

  • Funbean

    I’m sorry she was speaking out against mormonism NOT religion. 

  • BobtheRobot

    “All you need is some cock to fix your frigid bitch problems. Then you might stop sharing irrelevant idiot comments with the rest of us.”

    See what I did there? It’s an ad hominem (attack on a person) which is completely unhelpful and only serves to create or escalate hostilities.

    The horrors of Bill liking breasts expressed through a simple play on words and him lacking the desire to censor himself in that desire hurts no one. You trying to shame him for some very low-key expressed sexuality does.

    I suspect someone will respond with “Oh, but it hurts Laci Green” or “It hurts women everywhere because they are only valued sexually” because, of course, sexuality is evil and a person can’t be sexual and a human being at the same time! Oh no! One loses their humanity if they are attractive to other human beings!

    And if we think someone has suffered as a child and as a result is a lesser than steller adult? Well, all they need is some hate to cure them.

    No, it’s not like we can ignore comments we deem immature or, dare I say it, identify them as such.

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