A 14-Year-Old Reads the Bible February 26, 2011

A 14-Year-Old Reads the Bible

I was an atheist by the age of 14, but I sure as hell wasn’t this outspoken about it.

Here’s what happens when the Bible gets in the hands of an intelligent young woman…

*slow clap for saztheatheist*

(via Blaghag)

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  • John

    That was the most uplifting video I have seen in a long time! This 14 year old girl has given me hope for the future!

  • I teach ninth grade, which is about the age of this young lady. I can say confidently that young women of this level of intelligence are not as few and far between as many of the blogs reposting this video would seem to be making out.

    The problem is getting them to stretch the intellectual abilities that genetics gifted them with to be able to think as clearly as this woman does.

  • Very good point.

  • Two Cents

    I love her youtube channel. wow. She is such a smart, confident young woman!

  • dude

    she is awesome!!! Spread the truth woman!!

  • Pem

    I find too many girls around that age are pressured by society to be subservient and to care only about social. It’s nice to see a girl who can move beyond that and more.

  • Jeanette

    Agreed, as a former 14-year old myself I know that the challenge was never having the intelligence to figure this stuff out, but the courage to speak out about it. Props to this smart young woman for doing so 🙂

  • Iason Ouabache

    Can someone take up a collect to get her a better camera/microphone? It was hard to understand her at times.

    Also, I don’t believe her when she says she is picking Bible passages at random.

  • jewely

    GOOD JOB, YOUNG LADY. very, very proud of you.

    lawdy, a GIRL who can think! what IS the world coming to?!

    you rock, honey!

  • Drew M.

    Love it!

  • Watch out zomgitscriss, there is a new girl in town!

  • Synapse

    …Not buying that this is “random”. If you’re being selective, admit you’re being selective.

    Let’s try to avoid sinking to the kind of tactics used by the bible-thumpers.

  • Steve

    I immediately had my doubts about the randomness as well. Particularly about the two NT passages. Yes, there is nasty stuff in the NT too, but the really explicit verses like that aren’t so common.

  • NotYou007

    The randomness did seem strange to me as well but other than that she makes a very good point and for a 14 year old doing this I’ll forgive her for the bad audio.

  • GregFromCos

    I loved the video, but…

    I hope someone straightens her out on the whole feeling the need to say you are opening the Bible up to a random page, and picking something out.

    I hope someone can explain to her that there is no need to sensationalize it more than it already is. Because that will just give Theists an opening to rip on her video.

    It’s absolutely wonderful other than that.

  • Lou

    Yes, ditto on the randomness stuff. She didn’t need to weaken her emssage by lying about that. Apart from that, great video.

  • Unfortunately not many children have parents that give them space to learn by themselves instead there is the tendency to preach during family what they already believe in (either way). This is a fortunate girl and hopefully this will grow on her during the next few years.

  • sagansong

    Heads up to applicants for the Freedom From Religion Foundation Scholarship, Mark Twain Scholarship and AA Scholarship: In a couple of years, this will be your competition.

  • Kristi

    Bravo to this young, intelligent lady! I thought the same things when I was a kid, but I was not allowed to say so. I would have nightmares after attending bible studies. Very scary stuff in that book for kids.

  • Rockso

    too bad this is no longer available. the user closed the account.

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