28 Reasons to Give February 25, 2011

28 Reasons to Give

I’m 28 as of this morning! *Happy dance*

If you’d like to celebrate along with me, you can always make a $28 donation to the Secular Student Alliance (250 groups and counting!) or the Foundation Beyond Belief (which just surpassed $100,000 in charitable giving!)

I am involved closely with both organizations and I can tell you your money would be going to great causes in either case.

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  • Alessa

    Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday!

  • Lisa

    Happy birthday fellow Pisces and atheist!! I just turned 29 for 3rd time on Saturday 🙂 if I had money to spare I’d donate but I’m about to spend oodles of money on a root canal and crown. Fun times. Anyways, hope you have an awesome birthday weekend, Hemant!!

  • MikeW

    Happy birthday! And congratulations on traveling ~16.35 billion miles around the sun in your lifetime 🙂

    … and birthday gifted

  • Happy Birthday, you whippersnapper!

    The donations are a right groovy idea.

  • Happy Birthday, Hemant. Enjoy the day.

  • ellie

    happy birthday! we share the same birthdate 🙂 great donation idea too.

  • Happy Birthday, Mr. Mehta. May you have MANY more.

  • nankay

    Happy Birthday, you young pup! In my day, we would have load up some Deep Purple on the 8 track! Rock on!

  • Happy B-day, Hemant! Do something nice for yourself today.

  • Bob

    Happy Birthday!

  • happy birthday, hemant!
    can we have a video with the happy dance?

  • L. Foster

    Happy Birthday! Ya pup. 😉

  • Duo

    Happy Hemant Day!

  • Annie

    Happy Birthday!

  • Ailia

    Wow, I feel like such an underachiever for my age. I was unaware you’re only 2 years older than I am. Happy Birthday, and I hope I can catch up soon!

    ps I was attempting to compliment you on your awesome achievements.

  • Whipper-snapper!

  • Mihangel apYrs

    happy birthday and many more

    tslking from the UK I can see so many things that have improved for LGBT people in the 28 years since I was twenty eight, and defeats along the way. I hope youe see the sea-change in the US on acceptance of non-belief as a respectable stance, and for LGBTQI rights.

    As the Bene Gesserit say “I stand in sacred presense of a human”… that is to say that our true humanity is the only expression of the divine that we can prove. But that’s enough.

    Happiness to you, and the understanding of contentment

  • Wait, you’re YOUNGER THAN ME?

    Dammit. I need to get active.

  • Richard Wade

    Happy Birthday, Hemant. Thank you for giving us so many gifts. I’m especially grateful for this website and for your encouragement. You are an ongoing celebration of clear thinking, optimism, courage and positive effort. Your level of energy is amazing. May all the best of life come your way.

    I’ve donated $280 to SSA in your name.

  • Drew M.

    Happy Birthday!

  • gribblethemunchkin

    Happy Birthday young’un! And many more to come.

    Comes as a surprise to me that you are younger than I by several years, this makes your accomplishments even more impressive.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

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