Name a Freedom You Exercise… February 22, 2011

Name a Freedom You Exercise…

The assignment asks: name “one freedom that you exercise in your life.” One kid has the right idea 🙂

(via HaHaStop — Thanks to @CashewStyle for the link!)

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"It would have been more convincing if he used then rather than than."

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  • Adam

    That’s one smart kid. Usually kids wouldn’t think of things like that- hopefully his parents didn’t get involved.

  • ManaCostly

    To which age group is this question tailored?
    And is there any info on possible backlash from the teacher and/or other students?

    Other then that I agree with the first comment.

  • anna nonymous

    that would get them half of the points because they only answered half of the question (the what but not why it’s important)
    Well done though.

  • Gregory Marshall

    Hey, that looks like my son Alex’s writing, did he do an assignment and submit it somewhere I am unaware of?

  • Javier

    It would be more convincing if the handwriting was consistent. “of religion by” is written entirely differently (lighter, smaller letters) than the rest of the answer.

  • Revyloution

    Why is ‘of religion by’ in different handwriting? Im thinking that some parent had something to do with this.

    Not to say that I mind. Im subtly brainwashing my own child to think that religion is a silly thing. I just think if your’e going to influence your kids, make sure you don’t fill in the answers for them.

  • Ben

    I agree that this thing is modified, with “of religion by” being clearly different writing. So we don’t really know what, if anything, was really done by a child and what was a) added as marking by the teacher b) added by a parent or c) photoshopped in before being added to the joke website that is the source.

    Nice sentiment though.

  • ManaCostly

    Graphology is just pseudoscience, actually.

  • Spencer

    Or maybe the kid didn’t know how to write those words.

  • allison

    It’s a good start, but the kid hasn’t finished the assignment yet! He’s gotta say why the freedom is important. 🙂

  • Annie

    Filling in the blanks is not an uncommon practice for teachers helping out emergent writers. Though, I must say, this would more likely be the case if the child’s spelling was not so impeccable.

  • plublesnork

    Hemant: Could you please describe the image for those of us who are unable to see it?


  • coyotenose


    This is a photocopy of a child’s school assignment, reading, “In the space below, draw a picture to show an example of one freedom that you exercise in your life. Tell why you think it is important.”

    Below the directions is a blank space for drawing, and then several lines to write in a description. What appears to be a simple church has been drawn in the space, and below that is written (in a generally young, blockish hand): “I practice freedom of religion by not going to church.”

    The words “… of religion by…” are in a different, more practiced handwriting than the rest.

  • plublesnork

    Thanks, coyotenose, much appreciated.

  • Luther

    i practuce fredum not 2 goe to schule. tahts impurtnt sew me kin avoude al thum ‘f’s on da reaprt cardes. and duze cap

  • McWaffle

    You’ve never seen a kid’s assignment where the teacher (or another adult) helps out? It seems pretty clear the kid wrote, “I practice freedom not going to church” at least, and the sentiment there is clear.

  • Rieux

    The drawing also could use an addition, methinks: a person, outside the church.

  • Javier

    Here is the original source of the image, 3 months ago:

    The kid who drew it is supposedly autistic. The Reddit submitter is his older brother. He is not sure why the penmanship is different, but he speculates that the teacher helped him complete the sentence.

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