A Week: March 20-26, 2011 February 22, 2011

A Week: March 20-26, 2011

A Week will take place March 20-26, 2011.

It’s a chance to show you’re an atheist and proud of it — start some conversations with people who may not know what the OUT Campaign symbol is all about!

A Week is not about being disrespectful to religion or people who have religious views, it’s about quietly showing that there are more people than may be [realized] who are ‘Good without God’ and who don’t need religion to influence their lives.

So make this your Facebook profile picture that week:

The site is independently run and not connected to Facebook, The Out Campaign, or The Richard Dawkins Foundation.

(Thanks to Gary for the link!)

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  • Rebecca

    Thanks, I have my atheist dog tags I can wear XD

    Do you mind if I present this to our local freethinkers group?

  • Chas, PE SE

    Well, this is Engineer’s Week, significantly more important — you don’t see a lot of “E’s” out there, do you?

    (Unless you go to College of DuPage next Saturday)

  • but I don’t facebook, tweet, digg, or…

  • exe

    Please remind us maybe a few weeks before that week starts!

  • Claudia

    A reminder on the starting date would be much appreciated Hemant, especially for us “would forget our heads at home if they weren’t screwed on” kinds of atheists!

  • Digitus Impudicus

    This IS a few weeks before that starts.

  • Shelly

    Awesome! Not only will I change my Facebook pic, but this gives me an excuse to buy some new atheist attire for the family!
    Edited to add: Dang it – that’s spring break for my kids – no atheist attire at the school!

  • NotYou007

    I already have the red atheist A as my facebook picture.

  • Vanessa

    I agree – I will definitely need a reminder!

  • Nakor

    For me to remember, I’d need a reminder the DAY before it starts lol. So I’ll add my voice to the begging crowd. 😉

  • WishinItWas

    I get to celebrate being a Mechanical Engineer this month and an Atheist the next!…. supernerds unite! lol

  • Luther

    We need more than a week. What comes after a millennium? Billennium?

    We could name this the Billennium of humanity, rationality, and freethinking.

    Anything over 10,000 years and the creationists cannot top it.

  • Reginald Selkirk
  • Ack, I didn’t know this was happening and now there’s only a couple of days left… Owell :(…

  • Anonathesit

    I miss this every year. I’m going to change my profile picture for no reason. I’m starting a new week.

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