‘Repent Amarillo’ Leader Is Running for Mayor February 19, 2011

‘Repent Amarillo’ Leader Is Running for Mayor

Just so you’re aware, David Grisham Jr., the guy who runs Repent Amarillo, is running for mayor.

Repent Amarillo and Grisham aim to deter promiscuity, homosexuality and non-Christian worship practices through confrontation and prayer, and their actions have sparked controversy, both locally and nationwide.

Last September, while much of the nation was focused on a pastor in Gainesville, Fla., threatening to burn copies of the Quran to mark the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Grisham threatened to do the same at a public park here.

His attempt was thwarted by 23-year-old Jacob Isom, who swept in and grabbed Grisham’s Quran while the Repent Amarillo leader argued with protesters.

This is someone who practices “spiritual warfare.” He’s the guy who executed Santa a couple months ago while wearing a sweatshirt with the word “coexist” crossed out:

Pleasant fellow…

I want to say he has no chance of winning, but this is Texas. So I’m worried…

He has no chance of winning, right…? *Desperate puppy dog face*

(Thanks to Marisa for the link)

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  • Dr. Cuddles

    What is wrong with people in this country?

  • Chris

    His shirt says it all.. what an ass.

  • JD

    His demeanor is more that of a thug than a loving person.

  • Jon Peterson

    Professionals, eh?
    I like how there were only reports from two weapons during the second wave of fire… and that one missed completely
    I like that he pronounced it “kewp dee grays”.
    I like that during his shotgun execution he attempted a second shot, not realizing that he was out.

    And I honestly like the irony that he calls out blatant commercialism, which he himself supported through the act of purchasing that piñata. 😛

  • bigjohn756

    This is Texas…he’s sure to win. Texans epitomize the Religious Right and the Tea Party ideals. The less sense it makes, the better they like it. I’d move out, but I can’t find anyplace(that I can afford) that’s much better.

  • gski

    After his beard fell it can be seen that even Santa was laughing at them.

  • I’ll repeat what I said the first time I saw this video:

    Those hoodies are woven out of pure ignorance.

  • On further review, I an going to have to say that the pinata won. They had 3 12 gauge shot guns firing at a distance of about ten feet. And the pinata was still standing. Even after the man shot it point blank, it was still standing. So what I can determine from this video is that 3 Christians armed with 12 gauge shotguns and the power of Jesus himself is less powerful than a five year old with a baseball bat.

  • ludovico

    Whoa! Hold on there–don’t mess with Texas! The fourth largest city in the country [Houston] has an openly lesbian mayor; the largest GLBT church [Cathedral of Hope] is located in Dallas; Austin is largely a live and let live place friendly to gays; openly gay architect Philip Johnson’s later bldgs. are mostly in Texas. Let’s not be too quick to stereotype Texans.

  • Barrett

    Believe it or not, there are some sane people in Amarillo. We’ll do our best to keep him out.


  • Shoop

    Pure ignorance is right. I am flabbergasted, I don’t know what to say.

  • Erik

    I wouldn’t worry. Based on this video, there seems to be a pretty decent chance he’ll end up victim to some kind of accidental shooting

  • P

    Custador, It’s probably a cotton polyester mix.

  • He has no chance of winning, right…? *Desperate puppy dog face*

    I really, really hope not. The puppy dog face is my response, too.

  • Kasey

    He seems to be no different from the religiousantagonist. Both seem to hurt the image of their respective beliefs. Personally, I believe people who show such outward acts of hatred and intolerance are vulgar and offensive.

  • Fundie Troll

    With a platform of God and Guns, how can this guy NOT get elected in Texas??

    What bothers me is not the guy’s message – I believe that this country has become a whore to commercialism, and Christmas especially so – but how people who truly believe in Christ can own a firearm. Interestly many of my Christian friends own several firearms, and I always ask my friends what they intend to do with them. Most of their answers fall either into the “self-defense” or “means to procure food” categories, and then I point out the fact that the bible tells us that God provided for the Israelites in their wilderness wanderings for 40 years. So if God provided mana from heaven for bread, water from the rock, and quail for meat, WHY OH WHY do you need to own a gun Christian?!? What do you intend to do with it, shoot a person dead after turning the other cheek?? Or do you fail to realize that the mere fact that you own a firearm betrays your lack of faith in Jesus Christ?

  • Jeff. B

    “Lemme do the coop duh grace” “we chose the pinata so no one would confuse this with a real person”

    Ok, enough fun. I hope someone confuses this fuck-toad with a pinata.

  • Good grief. The very idea that such a person could potentially be elected to public office is horrifying. The man is a complete ignoramus.

    What I will say, however, is that it being Texas aside – I’ve noticed this as a trend in politics, even here in Europe. More difficult economic times, and disillusionment with the incumbent government has made people turn to potential public officials that are barely fit for anything apart from being institutionalised. It’s sad.

    This guy really takes the biscuit, though.

  • I for one think that it is fantastic that such extreme opinions are given recognition and that those who hold them have the right to stand for election. Of course I do hope that he loses and embarrasses himself thoroughly but it is still great that he is allowed to stand.

  • bob42

    Here, he and his knuckledraggers are known as the “Texas Taliban.”

    Hopefully, the good people of Amarillo will rally to keep him out of office, but you never know.

    After all, Texas is the buckle of the bible belt. That’s right, were it not for Texas, the bible belt’s pants would fall down.

  • Brian

    I’m pretty sure Texans get the pols they vote for (absent election rigging), and so they get precisely what they deserve.

  • Margy

    I was born and raised in Dallas and lived there for more than 40 years. My husband and I are two of a relative few who got to vote against G.W. Bush three times, because he ran for governor while we were still Texas residents. Texas politics were weird enough then, but the state still had Ann Richards and Molly Ivins. Now, the lunatics have completely taken over and it breaks my heart. My husband accepted a job in California a dozen years ago, so we moved here. I feel like we escaped just in time.

  • gsw

    No doubt if I were to make a video showing how Jesus usurped the place of Mithra (virgin birth, resurrection around the spring equinox, etc.) he would have a fit.
    If I were to blow up or otherwise damage an effigy of Jesus, he would probably wet his nappy!

    I am almost tempted to make such a video – if I were not lazy.

  • TXatheist

    Yes, far too much of Texas is barbaric. We may have a gay mayor here and there and such but just a few years ago 88% of Texas voted to ban gay marriage. Texas now has the bible in schools as an elective. We NEED to have a class called, why the bible is wrong in so many ways as an elective.

  • Brian Macker

    I think the guy is onto something. How many atheists were helped in seeing the light by the open fraud of Santa. His name is even and anagram for Satan. It’s all so obvious, why haven’t other Christians caught on. As and atheist, I love Santa.

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