The State Tournament February 18, 2011

The State Tournament

I’m in Peoria for the Illinois State Speech/Forensics tournament over the next two days and I’m hoping we can bring home a State Champion (or two)! I’ve been involved in this program as a competitor and coach for nearly ten years — this is my first year as a head coach — and no team I’ve been a part of has ever produced one… hopefully the judges will see in my students what I’ve seen all season.

By the way, if you’re not sure what Speech competitors do, check out last year’s state champion in Poetry Reading, one of the 14 different events we compete in: funny, sad, entertaining, awesome 🙂

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  • Vas

    Nice, I liked that, good on you and your students. I didn’t understand what you were involved in. I thought you were coaching that bizarre new form of debate where the kids talk as fast as they can and make those sickening gasping inhaling noises, you know the stuff where you can’t understand a word they are saying,(without special training) and yet we are expected to believe they have somehow won a debate even tough no normal person can understand a word they said. This is a horse of a different color, a useful skill. I’m completely impressed by this. Man this is nice, you are a good egg Hemant. I’m glad I stuck around and wasn’t chased off by femalegate. An “up” story like this in the morning makes for a much better day for me.

  • chaimsmom

    I have fond memories from high school of going to that tournament every year. I was an extemper : )

  • Nerdette

    Good luck! I really wanted to compete at State, but my couch sent me to Nationals instead, where I dived since my heart wasn’t into it. I did Dramatic Interp |-O

  • Poetry? LD Debate or go home! Just kidding. Very talented students!

  • Best of luck! I used to do verse and prose reading as well as debate back in England and had a very successful “career” which taught me a huge amount of valuable skills for the future, so you are doing your students a great service!

    How did you get involved in this? I’d love to coach again but am not sure who to contact over here.

  • KC

    Welcome to Peoria. Hope you enjoy all the nothingness our city has to offer. 🙂

  • Natalie Sera

    As the proud aunt of a National Speech/Debate Champion, I can tell you that some VERY fine debaters don’t make it because only one team can win. You need to focus on exactly how GOOD your kids are, even if they didn’t win. I like the way Robert A. Heinlein put it in one of his books — (paraphrased) It could simply be that the judges were looking for antimony, and it’s not your fault that you just happened to be the best grade of magnesium!

  • Sydney

    I’m actually in Peoria competing in the state tournament right now! I was kind of hoping to have you as a judge, but that does not seem to be in the cards! Maybe we’ll end up running into each other.

  • Brent

    Good luck to all your competitors this weekend – except when they’re going up against folks from Granite City (that’s my HS alma mater)!! 😉

    Hey, even after all these years, I still bleed Warrior red and black!! *LOL*

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