If Vatican City Were a TV Show… February 18, 2011

If Vatican City Were a TV Show…

There are already sex scandals, abuses of power, and incredible wealth on display… so it’s surprising the Vatican City hasn’t been made into a TV show yet.

But at least we have cheesy 80s theme music now 🙂

If only the show would go off the air…

(via UiscMaster)

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  • Mega Zeus Thor

    Ooh! opulent. I’m just glad they’re putting their money to good use.
    These guys could school Batman in theatrics.

  • Richard P.

    It we keep chipping away at the base they will get old, die and eventually go extinct.
    Won’t it be great when their down to the last two in existence and they have to vote for a new pope.

    I was hoping for Starsky and Hutch to jump out from somewhere and start casting out demons. This looked more like the beginning of a bad soap opera.

  • Bad soap opera? That’s Melrose Place style!!!
    … Ok, the tv series sucks, but the music theme is cool! 😀

  • Calhoun

    These guys are creepy looking.

  • I would watch that.

  • I cannot get over how closely Ratzinger resembles Emperor Palpatine. I’m not even being facetious. He really does. It must be the smile.

  • Ah, shades of 1992!

    By the way, Hemant, what is going on with the comments? The formatting is all messed up. Please, please don’t mess around with it again. After that Disqus fiasco last year, I’d been hoping that you would leave well enough alone.

  • Danish Atheist

    A tv show starring only ugly old white men? Who on earth would watch it? It wouldn’t last past the pilot.

    …and YES, he DOES look like Palatine … and that 2. in command guy is positively scary looking!!

  • Steve

    @Danish Atheist
    There will be attractive young altar boys. With love triangles revolving around them

  • Danish Atheist

    Uh, sorry Steve. Forgot about that part 😀

    *picturing what you said and shivering slightly…*

  • Richard P.

    There will be attractive young altar boys. With love triangles revolving around them

    So this being marketed as Ratzy reaching out to the gay community then?

  • Heidi

    I don’t really like the theme music. It seemed like Cop Show Music. Reminds me of CHiPs or Vega$. I would have gone for something closer to Dallas or Dynasty here.

  • Gibbon

    But the Vatican is already a television show. I give you the animated UK programme Popetown. A programme so controversial that it was cancelled before an episode was screened.

  • Robster

    What a concept! It would make “Dallas” look like a shining example of moral purity. Did the Ewings have a bank? No. Did they have costumes as good as these? No. Did they have a billion deluded idiot minions to prop ’em up? No. Did they constantly rape the kiddies? No. See, there’s so much to give the script writers inspiration. There’s sex, lots of sex, even though they’re supposedly to “stop it or you’ll go blind”, lots and lots of ill gotton cash, scandals coming out of their collective orrifices, a culture built aroud lies and fraud. And then there’s the best bit of all: They don’t pay any tax! Aren’t the rest of us getting ripped off subsidising the nonsense.

  • Richard Wade

    Help me out here. I’m completly lost. What the hell is this?

    Is this just a satire, the made-up introduction to a fictitious show, or what? Is this the actual introduction so some kind of action detective show centering on the Vatican?

    I kept expecting to see the Holy Father flanked by two cardinals and two nuns, all slim and muscular, striding abreast in slow motion toward the camera. They’re wearing sexy black leather versions of frocks and habits, carrying laser-mounted semiautomatic handguns, and they’re oblivious to a fiery explosion blossoming behind them. They suddenly strike kung-fu style poses, the scene freezes, their figures go to red silhouette, and the show’s logo appears:

    The T in VATICAN is a crucifix. As the jazzy action music builds to a crescendo, the camera zooms super fast towards Jesus’ face, we see for a fraction of a second that see he’s wearing ultra cool dark glasses, we zoom into one of the dark glass lenses which fills the screen to total black, then silence.

    Break to a Huggies commercial.

  • this would never work. sorry. it’s too old and white. it’s a cute pitch/youtube, but frankly it lacks imagination, for TV. if i wanted to pitch a Catholic Controversy show, it would be way more exciting than a list of old Italian guys’ names. pitch FAIL. doesn’t anybody remember “the player?” there’s a way to get a meme animated, and this isn’t it. i’m disappointed because i can see the potential of the idea, but the way they went about it here is… sorry, totally boring.

    /harsh atheist internet user&media product critic/

  • Brent

    Not too bad. *LOL* Doesn’t hold a candle to the Monty Python sketch, “The Bishop,” however.

  • Dan W

    Nice video, and I have to agree with those who say that Ratzinger looks eerily similar to Palpatine. Google image search “pope palpatine”, it’s bizarre.

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