Interview on Alan Colmes Tonight February 9, 2011

Interview on Alan Colmes Tonight

by Jesse Galef –

While we’re mentioning interviews today I wanted to pass along that I’ll be on FOX News’ Alan Colmes Radio Show tonight at 10:30PM EST to discuss the Secular Student Alliance’s recent success in helping secular high school students! It should be positive – yes, it’s FOX, but it’s Alan Colmes who I suspect will be friendly to our message.

I’m never sure what to expect, though. (Hemant has been burned by this before, too.) I’ve had pretty good experiences in general. I was interviewed on Faith Talk Radio earlier today – an evangelical show – and we had a polite and respectful conversation.

If you get a chance, tune in!

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  • NewEnglandBob

    Alan Colmes is a useless clown. Fox needed someone who would take all kinds of abuse and pretend he is progressive. They found a perfect wind up zombie.

  • Guillaume

    I’m tuned-in!

  • Guillaume

    That was a good interview, Colmes asked good questions IMO

  • Synapse
  • Jeff B

    I agree with Bob; from the little I’ve actually seen of the show, his role is to be on the receiving end of Hannity’s strap-on. I’m sure those paychecks help him wake up and look himself in the mirror each morning.

  • Uhh… “Hannity and Colmes” hasn’t existed for a couple years. This was just Colmes.

    And I think it was a damn good interview. Jesse came off as eminently reasonable and optimistic and represented the SSA well, and Colmes even mentioned that he was an agnostic himself.

  • Jesse Galef

    Thanks Mike! I felt like there were a couple attempts at traps (heh, @Synapse) but I got around them. The “podcast” of the episode is available on his website for $1.29, I’ll see if I can find my segment somewhere for free.

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