Secular Student Alliance Reaches 250 Affiliates February 8, 2011

Secular Student Alliance Reaches 250 Affiliates

by Jesse Galef –

This achievement has been years in the making. When the Secular Student Alliance board hired its first full-time campus organizer in 2003, they set a goal: reach 250 affiliated student groups. Well, it happened over the weekend! We’ve been growing rapidly in just the past few years – rapidly enough to go from two full-time staff this time last year to four full-time (myself included) and three part-time employees. But for us to finally reach 250… it’s a big milestone for us.

What did we do? We got ourselves a cake:

Yes, the Secular Student Alliance is an awesome place to work.

We’re so proud of our affiliates and the incredible things they’re doing. It’s genuinely a pleasure to help these students – they’re dedicated, creative, and intelligent. If you need any evidence, look through the stories about them here on Friendly Atheist.

Thank you to Hemant for serving on our Board of Directors, thank you coworkers for kicking ass, and thank you students for giving me hope for the movement.

Onward to 500 groups!

(Hemant adds: If you’d like to help us continue that trajectory, please consider making a donation to the SSA!)

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  • Claudia

    Great! Congratulations!

  • Bluenightfox

    And let´s not forget that there are other ones out there……a lot!

  • Danielle


  • Spencer

    “they’re a dedicated, creative, and intelligent.”
    There’s a typo right there.

  • Jesse Galef

    Thanks guys!

    @Spencer – good catch. Fixed.

  • Rieux

    Hearty congratulations! The SSA is terrific, quite possibly the most exciting nonbeliever organization there is.

  • Disconverted

    I wonder if my school’s new alliance was the 250th member. I got the official e-mail this weekend saying we are now an affiliate.
    Cal State San Bernardino?

  • Jesse Galef

    @Disconverted – Cool! Cal State San Bernardino was indeed the 250th affiliate – but we stress that it takes all 250 to reach this point. So… you should feel special, but so should our other groups!

  • Woohoo! Congrats to all involved.

    Speaking of similar landmarks (kind of?), I just attended the Freethinker group at my university for the first time tonight. Definitely an awesome time, despite the sausage-festiness.

  • «bønez_brigade»

    Congrats, SSA, on your (non-temporal) sestercentenniation!

  • Silent Service


  • Defiantnonbeliever

    you’re on a roll and have made some serious ripples grown into waves, despite headwinds.
    A well earned congratulations! 😀

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