‘Name Something That Gets Passed Around’ February 7, 2011

‘Name Something That Gets Passed Around’

This Family Feud clip will entertain all you evil, wicked heathens out there:

(Thanks to Danny for the link!)

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  • Drew M.

    That’s better than the first thing that popped into my head:

    “Your mom?”

  • Steve

    Oh boy. From the host’s reaction you’d think he was talking about cocaine, crack and heroin.

    I’m not saying weed is entirely harmless, but his condemnation is a bit out of proportion.

  • Brian

    Oh sweet Sagan…that made my Monday!
    *continues rofl*

  • Michelle

    Tracy don’t suck up to the host.
    I like that only 4 responses beat joint and church plate wasn’t one of them!

  • Lauren

    Dude, here in good ole Boulder, CO, that doob woulda been #1!!! 😉

  • Synapse

    1) a cold
    2) the flu
    3) Papers
    4) ex girlfriend / your mom, etc.

  • We’re laughing at you, not with you, Harvey.

  • Jonathan

    My first thought was instantly STDs. Guess I’ll be seeing that guy in hell 😀

  • Bob

    I was unaware that one of the Ten Commandments was ‘Thou Shalt Not Smoke Weed.’

  • lurker111

    I’ve always wondered why the Ten Commandments didn’t include stuff like:

    Thou shalt not take another person as property.

    Thou shalt not commit genocide.

    Thou shalt not cheat members of other peoples.

    I guess maybe these were on the third tablet?

  • Al

    The host, Steve Harvey, is a real godbot so that clip was perfect. He also has a big hate-on for atheists. On Larry King once he said atheists are idiots.

  • Anna

    Nice to see a general survey of the American public finds that we have our priorities in order 🙂

  • Claudia

    My first thought was “Mono”. I disagree with Harvey that the collection plate getting less people than joints is bad news. I think it’s GREAT news.

  • @Lurker111:

    “I bring you the Fifteen *crash* Ten… Ten Commandments!”

  • Carlie

    I’m not saying weed is entirely harmless, but his condemnation is a bit out of proportion.

    He may be a Christian, but he’s also a comedian. He was playing that for all it was worth. Check out the associated clip on youtube of his reaction when a woman says “penis” as an answer.

  • Josh

    I actually would be quite offended by that clip, if I thought anybody cared what Steve Harvey thought.

    Also for all practical purposes, cannabis is harmless. Unless you’re arrested because of it, of course.

  • Steve

    Also, his face when the guy touches him is hilarious. He’s like “Ewwww! WTF are you doing?”

  • Number one answer turned out to be the clap.

  • Rest

    Woah, man. I was just thinking about finishing off my joint – haven’t touched it in a month – as I came across this blog post. A friend gave it to me, but it’s not really my thing. I don’t understand why there’s such a fuss over it. I’d rather smoke a cigar.

  • Rabid

    And on the seventh day, God rested…

    “…oh my me… I left fucking pot everywhere! This isn’t good… if I leave all these naturally occuring hallucinogens lying around, man might get the impression that he should… *ahem*… USE THEM.”

  • Amanda

    Heathens FTW

  • I hate that my job doesn’t let me get high as fuck all day every day. College, however, owned. Lots of videogames, lots of weed. You know the deal.

  • gwen

    I hate that you made me watch anything with that moron Steve Harvey in it that didn’t make him look the complete idiot he is…

  • Lauren

    “Children, there is a time and a place for everything. That place is college”

  • anon

    I’m with Jonathan, STDs were my first thought. Never had one, never WANT one, and thank FSM my kids have turned into reasonably responsible adults and I can relax (a little) on that score now!

    Second thought at things that get passed around: The Blame. Nobody ever wants to take responsibility for f*cked up shit…..especially politicians.

  • the first thing that comes to some minds is an STD? dood, research “safer sex,” pronto. there is help.

    i had no idea this guy was the FF host today. whatever; i watched it regularly last when i was, um, 10, or something. and the nasty white guy was still host. i care about a game show, why, again?

    still, i’m amused. does anybody else get the downlow vibe from the host? i sure do. just saying

  • kmw

    I can’t stand Steve Harvey. I don’t think he’s funny at all. He’s a notorious opponent of gay marriage and gay rights.

  • Dan W

    Okay, the result was funny, but Steve Harvey’s jokes not so much. Gotta love that more people answered “a joint” than “collection plate.” Besides, Steve Harvey’s apparently a bigot as well.

  • Charles

    The Bible has something to say about marijuana.

  • My first thought was “bong”.

  • @Chicago Dyke — Oh, you’re not the only one, I can smell a closet case a mile away, and this guy just REEKS. (Must be those mothballs, yeah?)

  • The instant the woman said ‘Collection plate’ I knew it was going to come at #6. Made me chuckle.

  • Elena Villarreal

    How does one get such a terrible sense of humor as these people have?

  • mike

    My first thought was “the school bike” (cheerleader), so called because everybody has taken her for a ride.

    I have no qualms with promiscuity, but I find christian discomfort and euphemisms to be the subject of the most hilarious jokes on earth.

    My second thought was “your mom”. It is my solemn dream to one day get on a televised game show and answer with that.

  • Kyle Scott

    I guess I am the only one that thought “Hooker at a stag party.”

  • Sinistra

    More than anything else, I hope that “syphilis” was the number-one answer. Oh, and that it caused Steve Harvey’s head to explode when it was displayed as number one.

  • JD

    I really enjoyed that clip.

  • Dbgith

    i think he looked like an idiot

  • Sysman

    My place, 8:00, EVERYTHING

  • Yeti

    Its sad that the AMA took homosexuality off the list of mental disorders, think of all those poor people that are deprived of a normal life and if Steve Harvey is an opponent of a gays right to mental health care then I dont like him either.  I hope you get well.

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