When Believers Are Like Drunkards… February 4, 2011

When Believers Are Like Drunkards…

A wonderful quotation on a terrific poster:

(via The Jewmanist)

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  • Simmering

    does being a drunk atheist level the playing field?

  • Rest

    But I’m drunk on the holy spirit!

    Thanks, just made it my desktop wallpaper.

  • Kamaka

    OK, fine, you’re a terrific poster, Hemant.

  • why would one assume drunks are happy? isn’t at least part of being a drunkard to “drown the sorrows?” i suppose there are happy drunkards, but i was a bartender for years, and i didn’t meet that many.

    and i’m sorry, but i don’t accept it as “fact” that believers are happier, either. from what i can tell, a lot of them are really miserable. closet cases, misogyny victims, intellectually restricted, sexually repressed, hateful, racist, fearful, angry… those kinds of believers, i know. but constantly happy? not so many of those. i wish i knew more, i might despise religion less if i did.

  • Michelle

    It depends on the person, I am personally a happy drunk. Happily a couple of cups in right now as a matter of fact.

  • Jon Peterson

    Totally! I feel like telling the world all kinds of shit they don’t care about too (when I’m drunk)! Give me vodka, and I’ll make you listen to me babble! 😀

    @Chicago Dyke:
    I believe it’s refuting a common argument by believers that insists believers are happier than atheists. From my own reading, I think studies actually point to the opposite… but it’s still something they like to bring up a lot.

  • Justin

    It is a good quote but I think the word “fact” should be substituted for “idea” or “suggestion” or something.

    “Fact” implies it’s indisputable that belevers and drunks are happy but sceptics and sober people are unhappy.

    Or is that just quibbling over semantics?

  • Vas

    I am personally a happy drunk. Happily a couple of cups in right now as a matter of fact.

    Wow impressive, I usually go a shot at a time, (OK often a jigger at a time) but a couple of cups… cripes that’s around 16 oz.

  • plublesnork

    Hemant: Could you please provide an image description for those of us who are unable to see it?

  • Justin, good point, however this is the way Shaw said it and he’s no longer available to correct it.

  • Michelle

    @ Vas,

    I’m having Cabernet, not hard liquor, so I’m consuming a bit more and doing it much more slowly.

  • Hitch

    Sadly ever since I have heard GBS speak on killing useless people and supporting Hitler because of it, I have this strong aversion to quotes from him.

    But yeah this one is appropriate. Darn priming.

  • jmbrx3

    Whenever I see this quote, I can’t help but think of Christopher Hitchens.

  • dartigen

    I don’t know that believers are happy – more little bundles of anxiety and vitriol at worst, and little bundles of anxiety at best.

    Drunkards, on the other hand, come in many forms, including Angry, Happy, Sad, Awkward, Musical, Hungry, Philosophical, and Sloppy, among others.

  • Simmering

    remember fun bobby!

  • Oli

    You know, funny enough I am happier as a skeptic than I ever was living as a Christian. My time believing in God was one of fear and depression and questions, which ended up ostracizing me from the group when I asked for clarification.

    Now, I have reached a place of acceptance and peace that I think can only come from true belief. In my case, my true belief is that there is nothing to believe in, at all.

    I am very happy with that.

  • Drew M.


    The background is blue and there is a cartoon-style bottle of alcohol and shotglass on, both in shades of blue. In white letters, covering most of the poster is a quote by George Barnard Shaw:
    “The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.”

  • Drew M.


    I am much, much happier overall as an atheist than I ever was as a believer. The biggest thing is that I enjoy each day so much more.

  • Kris

    I don’t buy the premise that “believer” are happier. I think the entire idea there is ridiculous. But then, that’s just me.

  • Brian

    I tend to be a drunken skeptic, which, i guess, makes me about as happy as a christ-tard, right? Or have I erred, logically?

  • plublesnork

    Thanks, Drew. Very much appreciated.

  • Richard Wade


    I’d like to start providing brief verbal descriptions of any illustrations that I use on my posts. Is there a format that is customary, or one way that works better than some other way?

    If the description of something complicated such as a series of cartoons would need to be lengthy and would take up a lot of text space, do you know of a way I could provide a link to a detailed description that you could click on?

    Does anyone have suggestions?

  • Very, very true. I hear this “argument” being put forward almost incessantly by religious believers, and while I am glad for them on a certain level that they’re happy, I detest the underlying assumption that a non-believer is conversely required to be miserable.

    I, for one, am happier as an atheist than I think I ever was as a Christian. I tried to convince myself back then that I was indeed happy, but for me my deconversion was characterised mainly by coming to terms with my own shortcomings instead of looking to a father figure in the sky to fix them, and this enabled me to be *truly* happy.

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