Announcing the Secular Coalition for Alabama January 29, 2011

Announcing the Secular Coalition for Alabama

Only a few months after announcing the creation of the Secular Coalition for Arizona, the Secular Coalition for America is announcing its next state chapter:

“The Secular Coalition for Alabama is needed now to increase the visibility of secular people, promote fact-based education to prepare our children for a complex world, protect the civil rights of all Alabamians and maintain the separation of church and state,” said Charles Miller, an IT services management executive in Huntsville is the founding president of the state chapter.

“We are very excited to welcome the Secular Coalition for Alabama as our second state affiliate and a new means of amplifying the often forgotten voices of secular Alabamians in public debate,” said Sean Faircloth, executive director of the Secular Coalition for America. “It’s no secret that Alabama has often found itself in the national spotlight when dealing conflicts between church and state. We hope that this new organization will help advance the views of local nontheists on such issues, while also promoting and defending the secular values on which our nation was founded.”

The charter for the new group will be signed this Sunday.

Two states down, 48 to go… this is all proceeding much faster than I expected, and that’s good news. It’s also very exciting that these affiliates are being created in states where church/state separation is sorely needed.

Hopefully, the SCA will be able to handle a rapid growth because I’m sure more groups will be formed in the near future.

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  • Claudia

    Excellent news. It’s always gratifying to hear about atheists standing up for themselves in places where it’s especially hard to do. Alabama probably has a fair number of deeply closeted atheists, so it’s really important to build welcoming communities that facilitate living an open life as a nontheist.

  • Synapse

    We have some folks in Texas looking to take a step this direction as well.

  • kristi

    I agree with Claudia. It can be VERY difficult to bring these people out of the closet and have them feel safe and supported when they do. Fear is a terrible thing and runs rampant in the Bible Belt states. I am SO glad to see this news all over the place about us non-believers standing up all over the country to say “no, this is wrong and we wont stand for it any longer” all the while offering support to those who are scared to do so. Good job guys!

  • SWEET! It’s about time somebody started up a big-time atheist group down here. Even if it is in Huntsville, several hours’ drive from where I live 🙁

    You can bet I will be touting this when they get it up and running.

  • HMB

    Where is this group in Tennessee? I would love to see them here! There is so many people here that are atheists but only tell me because I am very open about it.

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