What Do Non-Theists Believe? January 28, 2011

What Do Non-Theists Believe?

It’s not quite auto-tune, but it’s a list of what non-theists believe, told from the mouths (sort of) of prominent atheist writers and YouTubers.

The song is “Future” by Colony 5:

We want to love
we want to breathe
we want to be
Rebuild the world
with the knowledge
we retrieve

We want to feel
we want to live
we want to see
seek the wisdom
from the future
and believe

There are so many wonderful things atheists do believe in that it’s really amazing how many people have to ask what they are.

At least it’s a question that’s easy to answer.

(Thanks to Todd for the link!)

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  • NotYou007

    I’m not big on techno beat but that was pretty cool. Gonna share it on Facebook but I doubt anyone will watch it.

  • I like it!

    I also liked that they put some of the Youtube atheists towards the end.

    They left out one prominent atheist blogger though.

  • leeloo

    hmm ..not sure i liked that :/

  • Phil

    Just posting during a YouTube timeout – If Stephen Fry is in it then I like it, if not….

  • Cheryl

    I don’t know any of those people in the video. But the first time I heard the term nontheist, was when I heard the Dali Lama speak in Tucson. It’s how he describes himself.

  • Stephanie

    Eh, It’s a little too emo for me and I don’t care to have someone putting other people’s words in public figures’ mouths. Isn’t that done enough by pundits?
    I prefer my thought provoking entertainment a little more straight forward, like:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qBWtXnDJEU The Limousines, with an entirely different song called “The Future.” (Warning: one bad word repeated twice) I love it for its pragmatism.
    http://www.wherethehellismatt.com/ “Where the hell is Matt”, which is the most uplifting video displays of Humanist spirit I’ve ever seen. I still get moved to tears of joy watching it.

  • @Stephanie,

    I always like looking at “Where the hell is Matt” videos. There wasn’t a whole lot of humanistic spirit, though, in the Korean DMZ. That must be the only place in the world where people don’t want to dance with Matt.

  • Tyler Nothing

    I enjoyed the video. That bit by Carl Sagan always gets to me. The fact that I’m a fan of Colony 5, as I am of many other futurepop and EBM bands, also helped.

  • Lai

    AWESOME! This is going next to my Symphony of Science collection. <3

  • I like the words to the song. I’m with Stephanie in that I don’t like people putting words in public figures mouths though.

    I did buy the song off iTunes, might as well support a freethinking band eh?

  • ^_~

    This video is pretty damn offensive. I don’t want to rebuild the world, to love, or to “seek the wisdom from the future” whatever the hell that means. Yet this garbage claims to speak for me. Horrible video.

  • Stephanie


    I disagree about the Korean DMZ scene. After all, Matt might be alone in this scene but he’s still dancing. I like the interlude because in it I see that human spirit can still prevail even in a bleak surrounding.
    I may not go in for mythology of some sort or other, but I have unshakable faith that humanity is amazing when we simply bother to put forward the best of ourselves to the world, and unrelenting hope that the best we are can eventually conquer the worst we are if we only keep striving. I won’t see it in my lifetime, the next several generations won’t see it in theirs. But someday maybe, if we keep reaching and working toward a better future without those things which divide us, religion included and emphasized. And that to me, is a much more satisfying immortality than harps and wings or wine and houris.
    Ahem, but I digress. I bet many people, including the guard, would have loved to have danced with Matt in the DMZ, if only they could do so without threat or fear. I see a lesson in that, too. But it’s not as uplifting.

  • Dark Jaguar

    In spite of being an atheist with an online nickname like “Dark Jaguar” who dons the mantle of sarcasm and incredulity about all manner of nonsense in the world, I’m downright sickeningly optimistic truth be told. In fact I’m listening to Pollyana (an Earthbound track) as I write this.

  • HP

    All these years later, and that quick shot of a plane plowing in the WTC made me feel all that grief over again.

    Do the comforts of religion allow people to feel grief? And if not, then fuck religion.

    Grief is my friend, and keeps me honest.

  • one of the best parts of atheism for me is that it’s not a “movement” and it doesn’t really have any “leaders” and while i can agree with other atheists about other topics, it’s not a precondition that i do. i don’t presume to speak for other atheists beyond saying we share a lack of belief in divinities. if this sort of thing is helpful, go for it. but mostly, my reaction is “meh.”

  • I just listened to this again and I Love the refrain!

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