Campus Atheist Group in Fresno? January 28, 2011

Campus Atheist Group in Fresno?

A few atheists are trying to get a group started at California State University, Fresno. There used to be one there, but it died out when the leaders at the time got busy with other work:

Mark Boyd, president of the [Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics], says that it is difficult to keep these campus organizations going because they lack continuity.

The religious groups on campus have churches,” Boyd said. “A church can drop down a thousand dollars without blinking an eye for a pizza party or swim party, and get a lot of people involved very quickly. We’re looking to do something very similar.”

If you attend the school and are eager to meet other atheists — especially if you’d be willing to lead a group — the CVAAS would love to help you get something going.

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  • A strong local skeptics/atheist group can help a lot. Here in Chico California we have the Chico Skeptics. We have a skeptics in the pub meeting twice a month with interesting presentations and discussion. This helps provide continuity and activity. We work with the California State University Chico Secular Student Alliance on activities and many students belong to both organizations.

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