He Boiled for Your Sins January 26, 2011

He Boiled for Your Sins

RAmen, everyone:

(via Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster)

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  • I partook for the first time in Portugal, deep fried. I was 12.

  • Nija

    He boils every day for us.

  • Repent! Or thou shalt surely be sent to “that other place”, where there are rivers of marinara sauce and mountains of chicken flavored seasoning powder!

  • par4dcourse

    Gives new meaning to “turn or burn”

  • Peter Mahoney

    I’ve kinda always liked that with the Pastafarian religion there was no one being tortured on my behalf. It sort of relieved me of myth-based guilt. (Unlike christianity.)

    But now we’ve got our FSM deity boiling for us. I guess his noodleyness just had to hop on the guilt-rendering bandwagon.

    Good parody, though.

    Peace, love, and pirates.

  • Steve

    But is it really torture? Boiling spaghetti and meatballs is actually a good thing and makes them tasty.

  • Hipopotamo

    I think also that due to the nature of the FSM, boiling would be like His ultimate goal anyway. Now, he actually boiled for My sin, allowing me to partake on Gluttony by enjoying the delicious sauce to my utter satisfaction!

  • plublesnork

    Hemant: Could you please provide a description of the image for those of us who can’t see it?


  • Drew M.


    It looks to be a standard poster aspect ratio. It has a large, beige icon of the Flying Spaghetti Monster placed about 1/3 down from the top. The background is maroon and has the same icon as a watermark, only much larger.

    At about 4/5’s down are the words, “HE BOILED FOR YOUR SINS.” Below that, in a much smaller font are, “THE CHURCH OF THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER,” and below that in smaller font yet, “WWW.VENGANZA.ORG.”

  • Anna

    He had to be boiled in order to be noodly, as well as tasty 🙂

    Now I have to partake of this sacred sacrifice for dinner tonight because it is making me hungry…

  • plublesnork

    Thanks, Drew. Much appreciated.