Flying Spaghetti Burger January 22, 2011

Flying Spaghetti Burger

That’s it. I’m done with the vegetarianism thing.

After seeing this Flying Spaghetti Monster burger, how I can I not eat it?

Apparently, it comes from a place called Gecko’s Bar & Tapas in Albuquerque, NM. As far as I can tell from their menu, they have no idea what they’ve created.

(Thanks to Andrew for the link!)

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  • Steve

    I don’t like olives, but that’s just awesome

  • My arteries are hardening just looking at it.

  • Steve

    Ah, we can already predict the usual BS. Everyone will chime in how unhealthy it is and whine about fat and what not. Completely neglecting that you don’t need to eat a FSM burger every day and that just eating one every now and then won’t harm you in any way. It all depends on your overall diet.

  • NotYou

    Why couldn’t they have had this when I lived in Albuquerque. I would not eat the olives but the rest looks yummy.

  • Kerrie

    OMG, I live in Albuquerque! Guess where I’m going…

  • Revyloution

    Oh man, now Im hungry.

  • Spencer

    My life is now complete.

  • Two Cents

    hahaha damn that looks amazing. I want to make my own veggie burger version (especially since I’m across the country!) …and then die from exhaustion just trying to consume the thing.

  • I live on the other side of the country, but if I ever find myself anywhere near New Mexico I know where I’m eating.

  • Michael

    Ahh, I live in Albuquerque and I’ve heard of Gecko’s but never been there

  • Is this like FSM communion? Eating the body of FSM? May you be touched by his noodly appendage. Ramen.

  • Megan

    Don’t give up on Vegetarianism! Just make your own version with about ten boca patties.

  • Nakor

    Haha wow… that is way more than I could ever manage, but damn me if I wouldn’t try! Curses, now I have a weird craving for calamari on a hamburger….

  • Steve

    Those are onion rings

  • jemand

    mmmmmmm….. and it’s a crayfish patty? I think I want to adapt this into a serviceable Darwin’s day feast!! 🙂

  • That’s awesome. I love Gecko’s, but I had no idea there was a flying spaghetti burger on the menu.

    Hemant, if you’re ever in Albuquerque, I will buy you a flying spaghetti burger.

  • Nakor

    @Steve: I know, that’s why the craving’s so weird. (Would calamari even taste good on a burger? I still want one….)

  • Matt

    Look at all the Burquenos representing on this blog! I wonder if they offer it with green chili? I used to drink at Gecko’s a long time ago after my buddy got off work next door. Haven’t been there in forever, and now I am sadly out of state.

  • Lauren

    I also used to live in Albuquerque! Gecko’s is awesome! It’s super hip and in an awesome location (right by the college and not far from downtown). They actually have quite a few vegetarian options on the menu, and the mixed drinks are super yummy! I miss New Mexican food!

  • For those who want the burger, but not the olives, I’ll take the olives. I can’t eat the burger, so it’s all yours.

  • i don’t really understand the appeal of fried onions on a burger. each to her own, i guess, but this reminds me of one of the featured burgers at the fast food chains- total overkill. the FSM style decoration is cute, of course. but i don’t think i could even open my mouth widely enough to consume this burger.

  • MH

    Man that burger looks so good.

  • Mike G.

    I ride by Gecko’s on occasion! Had I known they had this to offer, I would stop in to nom and fuel my cycling rage. Also, I’m glad to see all the Quirky Querque kids out to play on this blog. We should be asking ourselves why the Atheist groups in the area are few and far between. However if any of you reading this attend UNM, the campus Freethought group would love to have you!

    Take care y’all, and happy eating.

  • Sean

    They have a veggie burger. Just ask for one of those instead of the meat and there’s no need to stop with the life long vegetarianism for the sake of a good laugh.

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