Donations Against Damnations January 22, 2011

Donations Against Damnations

The Agnostic and Atheist Student Group of Texas A&M heard that Brother Jed, the notorious campus preacher, was visiting them next week.

A lot of schools have found clever ways of opposing Jed’s crazy Christian claims. We’ve seen Kiss-ins, a Boot Protest, and fundraising drives.

Kari Bean and the members of AASG have decided to do some fundraising of their own. Specifically, they plan to raise money for the very groups Jed opposes — the ones that are friendly to gays, women, and atheists.

It’s called Donations Against Damnations:

Keri writes in an email:

Right now we have over 10 different campus groups participating, ranging from the GLBT groups to some Christian groups… We have at least 2 ministers who are participating too.

That’s how you make the best of a sad situation. While Jed is spouting hate, the atheists (with other groups) will be showing love and raising money for good causes.

I can’t wait to see the pics and video 🙂

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  • For those who are (like me) not from Texas A&M and are confused by the acronym “BTHO”:
    “Beat The Hell Outta” – A term used by Texas A&M Aggies to descbribe what they’re going to do to the opposing football team that week.

  • I love Brother Jed. It would be a much better world if we had more truely villainous people spreading messages of hate so we’d all have a good example of what NOT to be like.

  • Im glad to see a determined group of people fighting against hate, ignorance and bigitry. All rational people must come together to stem the tide of ignorance. Thank you.

  • Kerrie

    I saw this guy and his harpy wife in action back at Bowling Green State Univ in OH in 1994! Had NO idea he was still around.

  • Brother Jed: What an inspiration.

  • Sounds like a great project-the copy on the poster is bang on in terms of value proposition.

    While the greatest interest will be drawn by local organizations, the FBB and FFRF might want to consider making some of their promotional materials available for the atheists to display.

    It’s never too early to show students there are causes they can support that line up with their values. I knew of several students at one university I attended who lived on ramen noodles who nonetheless supported children in developing countries.

    If this became something done at multiple schools, it could create huge awareness for the SSA, FBB, and FFRF while getting people to ponder the question”Why do we let Jed treat people like that?”

  • Zac

    Wait, are you telling me Brother Jed is a real person? I thought he was made up to represent all the hate of religion.

  • SheWhoSwimsWithSharks

    It’s good there are a few Christian groups getting involved. Nice to get an affirmation that not all of ’em are loopytastic.

  • JoeBuddha

    They should have made it a pledge event: Make a list of this guy’s favorite words or phrases and have people pledge an amount for each time one is uttered. It’d be a three-fer: Totally mocking, more money, and completely reverse the effect of his rhetoric. Of course, you’d have to have someone listen and keep track, but you can’t make an omelet…

  • @JoeBuddha-love that idea, but they’d need to put a scoreboard up in front of him so that he saw how he was increasing the donations-it would be interesting to see how he’d respond.

    Would he change his message or ramp it up even more?

  • @JoeBuddha we had considered that, but we didn’t want to inflict actually having to listen to him on any of our members… 🙂

  • Brent Feeney

    I remember Jed, Cindy, Max (now dead), Jim,, from their visits to Eastern Illinois when I was a student there in the mid- to late 80s. Still at it, eh?

    And they wonder…

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