They’re Nutritious! January 18, 2011

They’re Nutritious!

You only need one of these a day to meet all your nutritional needs?! I really need to cut back… I’ve been downing three a day.

Ok, they’re officially talking about breast milk, but no one will ever notice that. So get the shirt and put it on your baby 🙂

(Thanks to Michelle for the link!)

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  • Spencer

    A diet of breastmilk and fresh babies and one hour of exercise a day are all I need to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    The nutritional info is questionable.

    Vitamin D Supplementation

    While breastfeeding is the recommended method of infant feeding and provides infants with necessary nutrients and immune factors, breast milk alone does not provide infants with an adequate intake of vitamin D. Most breastfed infants are able to synthesize additional vitamin D through routine sunlight exposure. However, published reports of cases of vitamin D deficiency rickets among breastfed infants in the Unitied States caused researchers to take another look at whether all breastfed infants were getting adequate vitamin D.

  • Patrick

    I really don’t get this site’s growing obsession with the supposed “atheist as baby-eater” stereotype, which is not one I run into a whole lot. Does anyone here think this bit is funny?

  • Erin

    @Reginald Selkirk – I think they should just put “add sunlight as needed” at the bottom.

    As a mom who breastfed I love this, as an Atheist I say “yum!”

  • Nordog

    I really don’t get this site’s growing obsession with the supposed “atheist as baby-eater” stereotype, which is not one I run into a whole lot. Does anyone here think this bit is funny?

    This is the only place I’ve even heard of the “atheist as baby-eater” thing. The humor is in the idea that the claim is so crazy that it’s funny.

    As crazy as the claim is, in my experience the craziness is exceeded by its rarity.

  • Ben

    I tend to agree with Patrick and Nordog in that the only place I’ve ever heard this baby-eating thing is on atheist blogs.

    Is there a beginning to it? Has any atheist really been accused of it? If not, then after recently learning the meaning of “blood libel” I think it has completely lost any (minor) humour it might have had.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone honestly accuse atheists of eating babies, but the whole “blood libel” thing comes to mind (i.e., accusing Jews of killing Christian children and using their blood to make matzoh and perform rituals).

    It’s one of those things that’s so inane that the only appropriate (?) response is to ridicule it.

  • plublesnork

    I’m not sure about the origins of the baby-eating meme, but the dipshits over at (I think) Age Of Autism docted up a picture of Dr. Steven Novella eating a baby.

    That was more a skeptic baby feast, not specifically atheism, but still probably worth mentioning as an example.

    I’m not against the occasional post relating to this meme, but I think the humour threshold needs to be raised somewhat because I find most of these posts pretty yawn inducing.

  • Brian Macker

    Mike, The blood libel was not about eating babies, just taking their blood to make matzo. So the Jews are sorta like culinary vampires. Whereas atheists are more like zombies, who actually eat human flesh.

  • Hitch

    Who can resist a 100% daily serving of cuteness.

  • Brian: I know 😛

    Hence the “i.e.” – “id est”, Latin for “that is,” as opposed to “e.g.” – “exempli gratia”, Latin for “for example.”

    /sieg heil, mein grammar fuhrer

  • Amy

    not so sure about this. Men may not realize it, but most women know, once you become pregnant, it’s a sudden competition, and breastfeeding is one of those things mothers get very passionate, and offended, about. it’s ok to promote breastfeeding to an extent, but for some women, it just doesn’t work out (variety of reasons, and some may just not want to do it). Too many women feel guilty because they “failed” at breastfeeding, and I don’t really like the idea of literally wearing it on your child. It’s just another way for moms to say “my choices are better than yours,” and we don’t need any more of that.

    Sorry that my first (maybe 2nd) post here is rather negative. I really enjoy the blog.

  • Brian Macker


    My comment stands even if you remove everything in parentheses including the i.e.

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