Help Richard Win This Poll January 18, 2011

Help Richard Win This Poll

The online community of former-Mormons is holding its annual “Brodie Awards” for “best” of everything and our own Richard Wade is nominated in the “Best Chat with the Bishop, Mishies, or Other Church Leaders” category for a column he wrote about an atheist father raising a son with a Mormon mother and a particular problem they were having with the mother’s church.

If you have a second, go search for “Friendly Atheist” on the site and cast your vote for him! (Or, you can be fair and read the entries from the other nominees 🙂 There are some terrific blogs and posts featured on the various lists.)

By the way, if you are a former Mormon, consider checking out Main Street Plaza and the community there. They’re been through the “ex-Mormon” experience and it’s always nice to meet people with similar backgrounds.

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  • Duo

    Yeah, I think he’s got THAT poll in the bag. 😛

  • Wait ’til PZ’s mob get wind of it, it’ll be settled in seconds. XD

  • Thanks for the announcement!

    If anyone here is a former Mormon with a blog, please join our blog community “Outer Blogness”. To join, all you have to do is email me chanson dot exmormon at gmail dot com, and we’ll link to you and include you in our weekly round-up (not to mention other fun stuff like the Brodies!!). 😀

  • Richard Wade

    Thank you chanson, Hemant, and everybody else. I’m happy that people are finding something of value in what I do.

    Main Street Plaza is a remarkable website that I had not known about, and the “Brodie” section is a rich collection of fascinating articles, blogs, books, videos, broadcasts, and so many other things all within easy access. I’ll be going back again and again just to read and view them.

    I’m honored to be nominated among so many intelligent and creative people. Thank you.

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