See You at the Cross Road January 16, 2011

See You at the Cross Road

Yeah, it’s likely just a coincidence, but this “Cross Road” deserves a caption, too:

Make us laugh!

(Thanks to Sam for the picture!)

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  • Remember Kids. Jesus wants you to stay on the “Right”.

  • Adam

    “Highway to the Danger Zone!”

  • Graham ASH-PORTER

    The Nails go here, and here and here!

  • Frederick Green

    Crossroad to nowhere.

  • Would all Christians please follow the yellow line through the sign of the cross!

  • Michelle

    Please help, I don’t get it. This just looks like a country two lane to me.

  • Claudia

    @Michelle, notice the different coloring of the asphalt. The lighter color, placed on top of the darker, appears to form a Christian cross. Admittedly, it’s a cross that only fundamentalist Christians and we “rabid” atheists would ever notice, but still.

    Warning woo crosswinds ahead!

  • Tastybrain

    “Lay down your cross and get out of the road.”

  • No one of consequence

    For those who follow in my path… this is their cross to bear right after.

  • Defiantnonbeliever

    Caution Zombie Crossing

  • I know I’m spoiling the humor in it but Dale McGowan once related a story regarding his concern when he saw a christian cross on the wall of his daughter’s public school classroom. He said he was trying to bite his tongue but still considering his options.

    Later and without prompting, his daughter said something alluding to the fact that they were practicing the lower case t.

  • Steve

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions

  • No one of consequence

    Caution Cross Crossing
    Caution Jesus Crossing
    Before the next curve the cross shall rise
    No blind driveways ahead

  • Song lyrics:

    I’ll go you one better if you’ve got the nerve
    let’s race all the way to dead man’s curve.


    Just take my way on the highway that’s the best
    Crucifix on Route 6-6-6

  • Julie

    “The Illinois Highway Patrol Association, not to be outdone by those pussies in Utah, decided to implement their own, even more ostentatious memorial for fallen ISPD patrol officers.”

  • nis



  • Bobby

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  • Vampire trap.

    I was thinking speed trap for vampires.

  • Fortunately for blues lovers everywhere, Robert Johnson misunderstood the directions from his grandmother and never made it to the cross road.

  • Meanie

    discounting the research regarding stop signs as biased, the fundamentalist controlled traffic department instead relies on religious symbols and prayer to decrease traffic accidents.

  • Bob

    A simple question … why isn’t this a one-way road?

  • This is just a divine reminder to say the travelers prayer. If you don’t a semi will smite you at that curve ahead. That is all…

  • ash

    Caution; angry tarmac ahead.

  • Not really a caption – but doesn’t that yellow sign mean “Dangerous Bend Ahead”.

    Although, this sign might be more appropriate.

  • Rhodent

    Why did the DOT cross the road?

  • Clint

    @Anne: Thank you!

    I had posted this photo elsewhere with the caption “Things would probably have turned out differently if Robert Johnson had tried making his deal at this ‘crossroad.'”

  • Drakk

    “I’m on a hiiighwaay to hell!”

  • Stephanie

    “The Interstate Church welcomes all middle-of-the-road Christians!”

  • Joe_No_Halo

    Oh, no! Jesus must be stuck to some semi’s wheels!

  • Michael

    Now you too can die on the cross, just like Jesus!

  • Tom

    No need to look left or right before crossing, just believe, and you won’t get run over.

  • Non-Litigious Atheist

    Intersection of Church and State

    The committee to preserve the road as a historical landmark: Americans United for the Intersection of Church and State

  • Will

    Standing at the cross road, trying to flag a ride.

    Nobody seemed to know me, everybody passed me by.

  • GawdOfThunder

    Be careful, and don’t get ‘nailed’ at the intersection!

  • Strad27

    Quick! Turn around–detour, I say! DETOUR!

  • Digitus Impudicus

    Yeah, some hippy got hit by a Mack truck right over there about 2000 years ago. Everyone is still going on about it.

  • Tony

    Proof that Jesus is very “middle of the road”…i.e, road-kill!

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