I Need a Baby NOW… January 11, 2011

I Need a Baby NOW…

… so that I can send out these delicious baby shower invitations:

[Cue the vegetarian singing “I want my babybackbabybackbabyback…”]

Apparently, it’s not just a play on words, either. BaByQ grills exist! 🙂

(Thanks to Laura for the link!)

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  • Vagabond Prophet

    Offer to baby-sit one. They will pay you to rent the baby!

  • Lai

    I like Vagabond’s idea!

  • Jon Moles

    I’m more impressed with the fact that the baby is coming June 15, 2012. It’s either a record for gestation or someone is vying for a JREF prize.

  • Hamilton Jacobi

    So, Lily Jones was conceived in September 2011?

  • That’s some title. I thought, “Either Hemant’s getting really desperate to become a father or…oh, yeah, that other thing.”

  • JoeBuddha

    Hey! You’d NEVER fit a baby in one of those!

  • BaByQ reminds of one of Mattel Toy Company’s ideas for the Barbie and Ken dolls that didn’t catch on. The new doll was going to be called “Kannibal Ken” and the ads for him emphasized he was a fun-loving guy who liked nothing better than inviting a few friends over for some BarbieQ…

  • PJB863

    JoeBuddha, you’re right! Babies seem to make people lose all sense of proportion and relational-spacial sense. Once, when I was babysitting, the diapers said 18 – 25 lbs. Well, they didn’t hold anywhere NEAR that much excrement……

  • Bertram Cabot, Jr.

    Mehta, back on your July 13th, 2010 post you admitted that the term Friendly Atheist no longer accurately described you, and you were moving away from that approach.

    Which you have certainly done since then.

    So why do you DISHONESTLY STILL CALL YOUR blog by that name?

    You will ignore this, but it reflects on your intellectual integrity.

  • I really hope Bertram Cabot, Jr. is being sarcastic…

    I have been trying to figure out how, as a straight woman, I can use those wedding invites the lesbian couple used “Join us as we help destroy the sanctity of marriage.” I will be suggesting them if my gay cousin gets married.

  • lol? regarding Bertrams’s response:

  • Verimius

    The invitation to the Baby-Q says it’s a girl, well before the birth.

    We have two children. Both times, when my wife got pregnant, we specifically asked not to know the gender in advance. We picked a boy’s name and a girl’s name for each, and in fact we did not know until they were born. The older is a girl, and the younger a boy.

    Anyone else out there decide to not know the sex of their child(ren) in advance?

  • Drakk

    I keep telling people we need to do way instain atheist> who eat thier babbys.

    Hm, maybe not as funny as I thought it would be.

  • CatBallou

    It’s so tacky to include information about gift registrations on an invitation. Promise me you’ll never do that, Hemant!

  • Mihangel apYrs

    Hemant, you’re getting broody.

    Obviously you need a holiday with someone hot xx

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