M*A*S*H: Military Atheists and Secular Humanists January 10, 2011

M*A*S*H: Military Atheists and Secular Humanists

For all the Foxhole Atheists, family members, and civilians living in or working in Fayetteville and Fort Bragg, North Carolina, there’s now a new group starting up and it looks fantastic:

M*A*S*H is looking to build a core group of serious and active members, military or civilian, who wish to be a part of a meaningful community. We are Active Duty Soldiers, Army spouses, parents, retirees, from many backgrounds coming together for shared goals and friendship.

1) To serve the vastly under-represented non-theist population of Soldiers on post. To this end, we hope to ultimately establish an official tie-in with the Fort Bragg Chaplaincy. We’d like to have some of our meetups on post, possibly even in the Chapels. Additionally we aim to be officially recognized and listed on the Fort Bragg Chaplain’s schedule of services that currently caters to Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and even Pagans.

2) Provide a safe, and fun environment for community oriented meetings. Potlucks, speakers, secular kids’ play-dates, nights out on the town.

3) Encourage the building of a strong activist framework to work together towards the various issues that face being a non-believer in the Military, or in a Military town. Together we can really make a difference. We can coordinate and network to affect a real change.

Kudos to Sgt. Justin Griffith and his wife for starting this group up. Now, it’s up to the new members to keep it going so they can accomplish their goals.

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  • Alex

    Acronyms for atheist groups are hard to create. MASH is a great one! Our meetup group uses USA “United Secular Association”

  • Zachary Aletheia

    As a military spouse at another base I wonder what it takes to start one of these groups.

  • Oz Tilson

    this is the best thing I have read all year. I hope it goes well for all involved.

  • Autumn06

    Great idea – will definitely be sharing this with the atheists I know in the Jacksonville / Wilmington area!

  • Carlie

    I adore the acronym (and hope they don’t get sued for copyright).

  • That is an awesome name for a group!

  • I think we might have to claim ‘parody’. But if asked by the copyright holders, we’ll recreate it without the TV-show background. That would be a shame though, it really is a pretty awesome logo (:

    To all of you who are interested in starting your own M*A*S*H group, get in touch with us. We just launched, and have high hopes. In the next few months we will see how successful we are with the Chaplaincy, and we will let you guys know about that.

    Additionally, we hope to form a national organization to umbrella all of the other chapters, as they spring up. We want to offer support and suggestions on how to get your group officially listed, as mentioned above. We have connections with all of the prominent secular groups, and we hope to spread that your way too.

    Give us a bit of time, I’m certain we’ll be breaking a lot of ground very soon. Your bases are next!

  • John

    Wish this was around when I was at the Air Force Academy. Probably would have come out 10 years earlier than I did.

  • Nick

    If I was still stationed there I’d be all over it. That’s rad that somebody finally got around to starting an on post organization.

  • pssh, more like Militant Atheists & Socialist Humanists


  • You are so right, Larry.

    Goals: … 2) Provide a safe, and fun environment for community oriented meetings. Potlucks, speakers, secular kids’ play-dates, nights out on the town.

    Potlucks. That’s how you know they are militant.

    When you start bringing in homebaked goods and sharing them with people, you know you’re in trouble.


  • Dave Ream

    I’m retired now but would like to have seen this when I was in. It will take commitment but it is needed!

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