This Needs a Caption… January 9, 2011

This Needs a Caption…

Reader Andrew sent along this picture from a church in Phoenix that’s just begging for a punchline:

I’ll get you started with a couple suggestions, courtesy of Twitter:

But he gets mad if we unwrap them outside of marriage. (via @Robguy)

Agreed. I’ve enjoy many a people’s package. (via @dalestaines)

@CarlyShea also pointed me to this lovely intepretation 🙂

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  • Zac

    My gift comes wrapped in a condom.

  • Rabbit

    Just like Soylent Green…

  • lurker111

    Wow. So I wasn’t the only weirdie who thought of Soylent Green.

  • Mr Ed

    Be good’s vivisectionist

  • Mr Ed

    Fun Fact: God is spelled with only one O.

  • Soylent Green came to mind here as well.

  • Martin

    “Come on in and find out hundreds of other uses for Soylent Green! Now in festive holiday colors”

  • Viruses come wrapped in people to, but we don’t worship them

  • Jake

    The Lutheran Church always forgot the colon after “gifts”.

  • Peter Mahoney

    “God’s gifts come wrapped in people…

    … examples include Pancreatic Cancer, Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer, Kidney Failure, Brain Tumors, Liver Cirrhosis, etc.”

    P.S.: Hey, God, by any chance did you include a ‘gift receipt’? (I’m kinda thinking I’d like to return a few of these…)

  • But Wearing A Ribbon Is Sinning.

  • Ditto on Solyent Green, but then I remembered that Charleton Heston played Moses, not god.

  • Tam Hunter

    Christmas at the Bondage Household

  • Phil

    Sunday service, this week only. Group sex

  • Drakk

    God’s gifts come wrapped in people – tear gently.

  • Shawn

    Jeffery Dahmer thought the same way.

  • Dave B

    So be grateful for your precious bodily fluids.

  • NotYou007

    That cartoon is disturbing. Funny yes, but disturbing.

  • TheirSnowGod

    …soft on the outside, yet crunchy in the middle!

  • gwen

    When I read that, I immediately thought of: Cancer, birth defects, illnesses, etc, all wrapped up in people….

  • God’s gifts come wrapped in people

    … which is why we prefer Santa to delver presents at Christmas.

    … but the Easter Bunny uses chocolate.

  • God’s gifts come wrapped in people

    “Thank You”
    -The Zombie community

  • oh, dear… 😉

  • That image is High-Octane Nightmare Fuel… I’m using it as my wallpaper.

  • Maggie K

    If God’s gifts come wrapped in people, they should probably be wrapped in rubber first. We don’t want to repeat that awkward Mary business!

  • Danny

    So that’s why God’s gifts are so full of shit!

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