When Your Son is a Homeopath January 4, 2011

When Your Son is a Homeopath

There’s a hilarious comic at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Just to give you a taste…

Don’t forget to click on the Red Dot at the site for a perfect extra punchline.

To all you parents out there, what is the worst thing your child could possibly come out as…?

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  • Mel

    A conservative, that would be a major no-no! LOL

  • AnonymousSM

    Well already bisexual and an atheist, both of which my parents consciously deny, lol. So when people use the Adam and Eve ‘argument’ I guess mine would be along the lines of “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Ok well maybe Steve. Depends, how hot is Steve?” But, in the vein of Mel’s comment, the only thing to add to that would be if I was a democrat, lol. Luckily for them, while I don’t really fit the republican mold anymore, I’m too in the center to be a democrat, either.

  • AnonymousSM

    Luckily their pride in my going to West Point and being in the Army offsets any other shame, lol (and don’t worry, they’re good parents). =)

  • Sackbut

    I would be majorly disappointed if any of my kids were to join Westboro Baptist or the KKK.

  • Akheloios

    My father.

  • SkeptiMommy

    Well, up on the list with Homeopath, would have to be:
    1) A Conspiracy Theorist
    2) A Drug Addict (no one ever wants this for their child.)
    3) A hippie. They just drive me crazy.
    4) A pedophile and/or spouse abuser/rapist. Probably top on the list, really
    5) A Creationist. Being a basic Follow-Jesus-He-Is-The-Light sort of Christian is one thing. But denying all the scientific evidence and background we will surely be cramming down their throats (in replace of a religion), to adopt a young earth point of view would be totally different. Very disappointing.

  • Erin

    A racist, bigoted skinhead. That would be the worst I think, although there are people who have turned away from that view of the world I think that with the way we are heading now(I’m going into a field like social work and both his papa and I look towards His Noddly Goodness for guidance) it would be the biggest shock he could ever deliver, mind you he is two and a half

  • Thanks – I just lost about an hour and a half of my life reading those awesome comics. Only another 2040 to go. I hate stumbling across funny comics, XKCD consumed a lot of my time too.

  • vexorian

    I could accept almost anything, including homeopaths, creationists, conservatives, psychics and , well, anything.

    But now that you make me think about it, I got to say I would find it really hard to find tolerance for an antivaxer. Yeah, stuff that really harms not only themselves but the whole society like that, is hard to forgive.

  • ben

    A transexual, a right-winged conservative, a bible thumper, a drug addict, or a pedophile / rapist. Any one of those or a combination would kill me. Wouldn’t know how to deal with the transexual and the others would make me feel I didn’t do my job.

  • Secular Stu

    A conspiracy theorist. (Well, not the worst, but it should be listed by somebody.)

  • freddy

    A hippie or a politician.

  • Ally

    My mom was okay with me being bisexual, less okay with me being an atheist.

    When I have children, the worst thing they could possibly come out as is if they’ve converted to one of the more conservative sects of Christianity, ie. Baptist/Evangelical. I think the belief in hell is the root of much evil in the world.

    There are technically worse things, but those are more things one finds out rather than “coming out” topics.

  • DA

    Honestly I almost hope my kids get into some crazy shit that challenges me. I’d be dissapointed if they didn’t.

  • David

    By throwing him out is this not a dilution effect thus getting more of his son?

  • Tooks

    My parents have always known I’m atheist, didn’t care. They probably are themselves, I’m not sure. We never discussed it. My mom is having a terrible time accepting I’m a vegetarian, though. I mean, a really hard time. It’s been nearly 3 years and she still offers me meat or brings it up every time I see her.

  • Lucas

    The worst thing for me would be for a child of mine to come out of a womb.

    I don’t want any children ever.

  • Jeff P

    A parricidal maniac… Anything else I can live with. 🙂

  • Heidi

    Wouldn’t want either of my kids to be:

    1. a member of a hate group
    2. a reality denier
    3. violent criminal

    Freaks who shoot abortion doctors, beat up gay people or fly planes into buildings fall under all three, so I guess religious terrorist would be the absolute worst thing.

  • Pretty much any of the above.

    Except a hippie. Hippies usually have the best weed, so… yeah.

  • A hipster. Hippies are cool. Hipsters can’t be allowed to continue.

  • the picture in this post it the punchline..

  • Ashlyn

    It disappoints me to see anyone on this site listing trangendered as the worst thing their child could come out to them as.

  • Richard Wade


    I could take anything else, no problem. If my daughter came out as a Muppet sex offender, or an Elvis is an Alien true believer, or a Lost Tribe of Leif Ericson Groupies member, or a how-many-paper-spring-clips-can-you-wear-on-your-body fetishist, or an everybody-is-a-bald-Bigfoot civil rights activist, or even a secret collector of commemorative Spanish-American War thimbles and photos of bovines standing in water, I’d still love her with all my heart, not a second thought.

    But trying to bring back the abomination that was Menudo with new boys? I’d just shoot her. No jury would convict me.

  • Meh! They can be anything that they like as long as they can back it up with a reasoned argument and evidence.

  • Claudia

    @ben, there are groups specifically to help parents deal with trans kids. Yes it would take you a while to wrap your head around your child having a different gender than their genetic one, but acceptance by family is really important to young people who are already going through a very painful time, so I hope you’d rise to the challenge.

    I can’t offer a list of things that would make me reject a (theoretical) child. I don’t know that there’s anything that could make me stop loving a son or daughter, though there are certainly things that would force me to remove myself from their lives (psychopath, untreated/untreatable pedophile, too-far-gone drug addict etc.).

    Oh and the red-dot punchline was priceless.

  • @Ashlyn, I know. That one threw me for a loop as well, particularly since I’ve always seen most atheist spaces as reasonably LGBT-friendly.

    @ben: What Claudia said. For the sake of any kids, or future kids, that you might have, you should really go educate yourself on some trans 101. It’s not that complicated, and if you do have a kid who is born that way, or that knows someone who is, they’re probably gonna need you on their side. Really though, it’s just a matter of taking people’s word for it that they are the gender they ID as and treating them the way they would like to be treated. Not too difficult, eh?

    As for me? The kid would have to be doing things that seriously harm others and have no intention of stopping that, for me to cut them out of my life.

  • Tom

    Anti-intellectual, maybe? That’d probably horrify me. And they’d fail the “anything is ok as long as they can give a reasoned argument for it” test by default.

  • Silent Service

    What a bunch of bigots we apparently are. Shame on all of you. Would there be some things my kids could do that would disappoint me, even horrify me? Sure. Would there be anything that would cause me to turn my back on them forever? No way.

    I’d even let them back in the house as a Neo-Menudoist. It’s horrifying I know, but unconditional love requires you to be strong. Being partially deaf helps too.

  • Dave Wright

    I would make some comment about how the worst thing my child could do would be to grow up thinking that being trans was the worst thing their child could do, but I think that might be a bit too snarky. (But seriously, dude, you might want to do some real thinking about why you find that so difficult to cope with, and whether that might not mean the problem lies with you rather than them?)

    Snarking aside, I actually think I could cope with my child being an unrepentant murderer or child molester easier than finding out that they were bigoted. Mostly because while the crimes are upsetting, they’re out of my control; like someone said above, my childrens attitudes towards racism, sexism and homo/trans/biphobia are at least in part my responsibility.

    Silent Service – hey, hey, hey, who started talking about “turning my back on them forever”? The post says “the worst thing my child could possibly come out as”, no mention of what my reaction would be!

  • OverlapingMagisteria

    It would really bug me if any future child of mine was close-minded. If they turn out to be religious, or prone to any woo-belief such as psychics, ghosts, etc. that’s fine, but only if they are willing to earnestly consider opposing viewpoints and be open to changing their mind. And that applies even if they hold positions that I agree with. A close-minded dogmatic atheist is no better than a fundamentalist creationist. (Well, maybe a bit better… but only by chance.)

  • …a psychic. Especially since I study Tarot cards (archtypes) and Ouija boards (ideomotor response) and cold reading. I know how these things work, so hopefully my kids won’t fall for them like others do.

  • Rollingforest

    A zombie trying to eat my brains. I happen to like my brain.

  • RJ

    Any type of fundie. Extremists of any kind are dangerous, no matter what their particular belief sytem or political affiliation is. Too much of anything is dangerous.

  • walkamungus

    A PETA member. *shudder*

  • Robert Hagedorn

    Do a search: The First Scandal Adam and Eve.

  • A really girly pink and lace wearing female. Somehow I wouldn’t care if it was a boy doing that.

  • Scientologist. Hands-down.

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